Letter to the Editor: We Should Not Use NextGen America & Liberal Articles to Sway Young People

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I have not read the Tartan, but I recently decided to take a look at the Tartan’s website. 

I came across an article titled “The Youth: A Political Force at The Polls 2018 Midterm Elections“. Reading this article, I noticed it is obviously slanted towards the left. 

It mentions Black Lives Matter and the gun control walkout as good and progressive movements (these are obviously controversial and liberal movements). 

The article also mentions that we should be voting on the issues we are about and assumes these are gun control, the environment, and healthcare. Liberal issues are presented only. 

Also, NextGen American was heavily on the school’s campus this past fall. As the article states, they were providing rides to the polls, even swaying young voters into voting for candidates like Chris Hurst (a partisan and controversial candidate). 

I find it incredibly wrong that a school newspaper is being so biased and one-sided when discussing such important issues like voter turnout. 

While I am conservative, this is bigger than my views. However, if I wrote an article about how we should be voting for issues like gun rights, abortion bans, etc., and said the NRA would be giving rides to the polls, there would be an incredible backlash. 

This may seem extreme, but it is the exact Republican equivalent of what you are writing about in this article. College campuses are incredibly democrat oriented, and I think Radford should change this. 

We should not allow left groups like NextGen (founded by Tom Steyer) to be on our campus, publicly swaying voters. Young Democrats and Young Republicans are fine: meetings are in private, and they are not actively trying to change people’s opinions. But overall, we should be careful about how we influence our students. Especially when professors have already tried to convince us that electric cars are the future and gender is fluid. 

Teaching us that sides of the political spectrum are right and others are wrong is incredibly un-American and should not be allowed in a public institution. Taking the works of political philosophers and applying them to modern issues is what we need to do. 

Not use NextGen America, liberal articles, etc. to sway young people. 

Best Regards,
Daniel Ellis Palmer
Radford University 2023

Dylan Lepore

Dylan Lepore is a hustler, multi-media professional, freelancer, entrepreneur, and a gamer forever. He was The Tartan’s first-ever freshman editor-in-chief and founded The Part-Time Gamer, a media services shop.