Letter to Editor: Big images, big impact

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Email: meahrenberg@radford.edu

As we all know, on Aug. 31 and  Sept. 1 there was a display by the controversial pro-life group known as the “Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.”

This display was sponsored by Radford University student members of the Radford University College Republicans and has caused many of our fellow classmates to voice their opinion on the graphic nature of their display.

The display was extremely distasteful, not only because of its observed size that was comparably as tall as a one-story building, but also because of the nature of their comparisons (comparing abortion to genocide and the Holocaust). The size of these images was so big that even if you didn’t want to look at them, they were plastered right in front of your face from five buildings away.

Yes, freedom of speech is the reason they were able to do this, but why so big, why so vulgar, and why on our campus where people come from all different walks of life? The nature of the display was what is getting everyone so upset. It would be different if they had a table set up with images flat on it so that you had the choice of if you wanted to approach them and look at the images and hear what they have to say.

School tours with parents and young adults, who were taking the time out of their life to come see our beautiful campus, were bombarded with these images without a choice to look at them or not.
Yes, you could say, “Well, you don’t have to look at them. There are warning signs.”

Well, it’s kind of hard not to look at them when they are so big and right in front of your face. Many parents shook their heads. Some even stopped and asked the women at the table across from this display, promoting “pro-choice,” if they were allowed to be displaying such graphic images on campus. Don’t you think that this could change the minds of some parents, and even students, about wanting to attend this university?

My whole point in writing this to you is to tell you that it makes it look like Radford University supports what these people are displaying to our campus, students, faculty, and guests. Yes, again, it is freedom of speech, but nothing this graphic should be allowed to be displayed on any campus. Not when there are so many people who believe in different things and may be offended and not feel like this is their campus too.

Here is a quote to an article, from California, which describes a recently passed bill: “ The legislation, sponsored by the Los Angeles Unified School District, gives school systems the ability to stop protests near campuses when student safety is threatened. It was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday and goes into effect Jan. 1.”

I am not the only one that feels this way, obviously, so I encourage you to take a look at this article and pass it on.