Lessons college has taught us

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Brittany North | bnorth2@radford.edu

Looking back on the past four years, college has definitely changed my way of thinking and my life style.

When I go through life, I always look for the lessons in it. If something bad happens, I think about what I learned from the whole experience. What you learn from past mistakes will most likely help you avoid more serious pitfalls in the future. College has taught me to be perceptive of all things around me, not just my own word view.

College has also taught me to educate my opinions. Today, most people are a part of a larger conversation all the time, whether it be over texting or social media; therefore, we are constantly sharing our opinions and influencing others’ minds. It is important to educate your opinions on facts, in order for debate to work properly. The point of a debate is to find the truth of the matter, and as scholars, we have a duty to uphold this purpose.

My experience in college has shown me what I want I want to do in life. I came in my freshmen year as an Undeclared Major. I had no idea what I wanted to do at the time, so I took a bunch of General Education courses to see what class I enjoyed most. Political Science just stuck for me. All students love their majors for different reasons; so that is why we picked them! If you have not found your niche, do not fear–at least you know what areas of study you do not like, which is still a big step in the right direction.

College has allowed me to increase my communication skills. When I was younger, I did not believe that my opinions or emotions were valid. I would always avoid confrontation because I was afraid of how the other person may react to the issue I had with them. However, now that I almost have an undergraduate degree, I am confident in my knowledge, gained more practice in public speaking skills, and learned a lot about my personal leadership style.

College has given me the time to discover who I am and the chance to learn to love myself. I realized that I could accomplish anything that I put my mind to, and I took advantage of most of the opportunities offered at Radford University. I got to move to a new place away from everyone I know and build my own life at my university.

Whether you are graduating with a 2.0 or a 3.6, every student has learned at least a handful of lessons from college. The most important lesson that college taught me is to be appreciative of the privilege of receiving a higher education. If the whole world was statistically reduced to a village of one hundred people, only one person would have a college degree. Keep in mind to enjoy the rest of the semester. And remember: behind every mistake and success story, there is a lesson to grow from.