Lauren Scruggs: A story of hope


Most of the students here at Radford University live quite a textbook college student life. We wake up every morning, go to class, crack open our books for some homework and studying and hangout with friends. A lot of us could not imagine our lives any differently. However, some young adults aren’t as lucky. Even one wrong step can change your whole life.

Lauren “Lolo” Scuggs had everything going for her. She was a graduated from college with academic honors. She loved working on her two internships in New York City. As apart of her job, she got the opportunity to travel all over the world reporting on various Fashion events interviewing celebrities and fashion industry persons.

However after one misstep, her life was turned upside down.

In early December 2011, Scruggs was with family friends having fun during an innocent, recreational airplane ride admiring the areas Christmas lights.

After the ride, all Scruggs remembers is stepping out of the plane, however that one step was actually the wrong one, which lead her into the planes spinning propeller.

It was a shock to family, friends and doctors that she even survived. She suffered a brain injury, her left hand needed amputation and her left eye was torn.

Today almost a year and a half later, she is close to her full recovery. She still attends a very hard and rigorous therapy but she is able to live basically a normal life.

Scruggs and her family have always been very spiritually based and their faith was only strengthened because of this horrific event. She told the Today Show that it was just an accident and she does not blame anyone. She feels as though she is now has a “more rewarding” life because of the opportunities she has gained because of the terrible accident.

Scruggs has wrote a memoir on covering the events of the accident and her life titled “Still Lolo: A Spinning Propeller, a Horrific Accident, and a Family’s Journey of Hope.”

After hearing more and more about her developing young life, Scruggs is an inspiration of all young people. Her story teaches everyone in 0society not to give up even if you have a bump in the road. Society is looking forward to seeing what Lauren’s next move is in her miraculous life.



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