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On March 30, R-SPaCE hosted comedian Lane Moore on the Bonnie stage. Moore’s comedy show, Tinder Live, generated a large turnout. The crowd gathered around the tables in the food court to see her make quick-witted observations about the profiles she encountered while scrolling through the popular dating app live on stage.

Moore said she came up with the idea for the show back in 2013. “I was in the living room with my two roommates at the time. They were both on Tinder and I wasn’t on Tinder yet …This was years ago and I didn’t know how popular it was … As soon as I started going on Tinder I was like, ‘This is so funny,’ so I grabbed my video camera and made a video of me like going on Tinder and just making comments and things like that. And my roommates were making comments. And that same day I was like, ‘Oh this should be a comedy show. It’d be so fun and interactive.’ And so that night I started working on the show.”

Moore insists that her goal is to have the show not be too “trolly” so she stays away from making comments related to anyone’s appearance.  “Really, the idea is that like everybody on Tinder I think is basically a good person. Sometimes I’ll start talking to somebody whose profile is like ridiculous, and then he turns out to be a really nice. And so I think it kinda comes down to the fact that so many guys … I think are just trying to figure out what works and how to come across.”

Moore didn’t hold back from making snappy comments when she found a profile that she found humorous. At one point in the show, she came across a guy with a single profile picture and a short description saying he was disease-free. “I love that this is only what he thinks he needs for you to have sex with him,” Moore said.

When asked if men on Tinder were easier to make fun of than women, Moore replied, “I mean, there are weird guys’ profiles and there are weird girls’ profiles. But with women’s profiles, I found … they’re mostly just like photos of people. Guys just tend to say weirder things in their profiles, you know what I mean?”

Moore would often point out common themes in profiles that were just awkward, like guys flipping off the camera or posing with a woman that looked like their girlfriend. She found several profiles with awkward pictures of guys with their animals. “So this is Justin. Justin has a dog. Even the dog seems suspicious of Justin. He just looks like he is not into it.”

She got the audience to confirm that she should swipe right on Justin and wound up messaging him throughout the show. Moore turns into a bizarre, comical character while messaging the guys she matches with. She told Justin that she thought the dog in his profile pictures was her dog that had ran away three years ago and now she wanted it back.

Moore says that for the most part, the guys in the show are pretty receptive to her humor. “Well, I just did a show in D.C. and a guy realized it when he was on there and he was like, ‘Wait, am I on Tinder Live?’ And I was like, ‘oh man’. But he emailed me and he was like, ‘That’s really awesome’ … usually, the guys are really cool about it because the stuff I say is always pretty positive. I feel like a lot of time the replies from guys are like they’re having fun too.”

Moore says that while she always hopes the show is funny, she hopes it’s an educational experience as well, “…some guys don’t think, ‘Oh if I write this, then I’ll sound weird.’ So if they see the show, then they’re like, ‘Oh, that’s how I come across and I didn’t know it,’ and then they can like kind of amend it.”

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