Kingdom Hearts III – A Videogame Review


By Even Mason |

After 13 long years after the release of Kingdom Hearts II, we have finally arrived at the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III! Sora, Donald, Goofy, and a long list of characters return in the fight between the light and the darkness and the power of friendship in a variety of Disney worlds.

Graphics & Nostalgia 

The start of the game the first thing the player notices is the massive upgrade in graphics, going from the not so perfect graphics of the older games to this … it’s mind-blowing.

When you start playing in the Olympus world, everything pops out at out visually. The combat, magic, attraction rides, and more are flashy and bright. The player eventually fights Titans controlled by Hades who is the first massive boss fight of the game.

The positives of the game besides the graphics and the apparent nostalgia were the varied combat.


Each new keyblade the player receives allows them new types of moves and combos — some based on strength and offense, and others based on magic abilities.

There are also attraction ride attacks which are based off popular Disney rides that do a lot of damage. There are team attacks as well which can vary depending on the teammates being used.

Lastly, there is shot lock attacks where can lock on to several enemies and depending on the keyblade; it will attack multiple enemies at once. Not all these abilities are necessary, but it is fun and keeps combat fresh.

The Worlds of Disney

Going to the different worlds of Disney is an adventure of finding treasure and seeing stories played out. The worlds themselves are also absolutely massive leaving a lot to see. In one instance in the Pirates of the Caribbean world, you can pilot a pirate ship and explore islands, battle other ships, and upgrade and improve your ship.

Lastly, the game wraps up the story that fans have been waiting for for years very well. There are many big boss fights and an exciting end. To top that there are hints that there is going to be a Kingdom Hearts IV to look forward to in the future.


Some of the cons of the game were they didn’t feature any Final Fantasy characters from the previous games for whatever reason.

The pacing of the main story was a little slow as well. They would add on little bits and pieces at the end of the mostly full Disney stories which made things a little annoying. It’s not until the last couple of hours of the game where the story starts to pick up.

The game itself was a bit shorter than the previous games. I clocked in at 35 hours, while past games were closer to 50 hours.

The game was also not very challenging or varied in difficulty in boss fights. I died three times my entire playthrough. I would recommend the hardest difficulty for people who’ve played the previous games. There isn’t a whole lot of post-game stuff to do as well.

The Verdict
  • 8/10
    Kingdom Hearts III - 8/10

This Magic is Still There

Despite some of the negatives, the improved graphics, the conclusion, the massive worlds to explore, nostalgia, and just being a part of this enormous universe is more than worth coming back to again. Once you start you can’t stop till you finish.