Kick back, relax with extra hour from daylight savings



t’s that time of year again when daylight savings lovers do a little dance of excitement. Sure, whether or not you are a fan of daylight savings, having that extra hour of sleep this weekend is something we all appreciated.

Actually, the only silver lining to these darker, drearier, shorter days are looking at the clock thinking it is 7p.m., when alas! It is only 6 p.m.! Why does that little token of knowledge excite us so much? Because all of the sudden we have more time. It seems to be the universal problem of all college students- we don’t have enough time.

Between school, sports clubs, jobs, roomie night, and catching that new episode of The Walking Dead every week, there is hardly enough time to get everything done. If only we could add an extra hour to every day,  we could finish those last touches on that paper that’s due in 20 minutes, or have coffee with that friend we’ve put off for so long, or even just have some extra time to sleep. That way we would be able to function a little bit better during our busy days, but would having an extra few hours really solve our problems?

When we do look at the clock thinking it’s 7p.m. only to learn that it’s 6p.m., do we really spend that extra hour we thought we didn’t have being productive? Or do we think “Hey I have an hour to kill”, and flop back on the couch to watch that rerun of “Friends” we’ve seen 15 times. If we had an extra hour or two in the day most of us would spend it the way we already do-filling it up with more activities, wasting it on the couch and procrastinating on all of those things that we could get done, if only we had more time.

The problem is not that we do not have enough time, the problem is how we spend it. So next time all of you pro- daylight savings people start to talk about how it is the best thing ever and just what you needed think again.

You don’t really love daylight savings and the fact that our colder days are now getting coupled with darkness to make things even more miserable, you just like the fact that you have an extra hour to do absolutely nothing.

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