Journalism major spotlight

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Jennifer Bennett

Being a Journalism major definitely has its ups and downs, but overall I love my major. I really believe that Radford University was the best place for me to get my undergraduate degree in this field. If I had gone to a smaller university, I would not be an editor for my university’s newspaper. Being Insights Editor has definitely given me experience that I otherwise would not have gotten.

This university has really amazing professors in the Journalism department. The really cool thing is that most of the professors and directors of the Media Studies major have had some experience working in the real world so they know what to teach the students so that they can get hired in the future for whatever job they desire.

Being as I am only a freshman, I have not had very many classes for my major yet. I think it will be really exciting when the new Center for Humanities and Behavioral Sciences building opens up this Fall. With this new building and all of its new features, students will be able to get a more enriching experience.

One of the classes that I did not like in my major was COMS 130 Intro to Communication. I did not like this class not because of the content of the class, but rather the size. In one class there was 190 people, and there were some people in my class who loved to talk when the professor was so that the rest of us could not really hear what he was saying.

I think that because of the class size of my COMS 130 class last semester, I was not able to learn as much as if I was in a class with 20-30 other students like my COMS 104 class. There were literally 190 people crammed into one auditorium with a professor speaking into a microphone. It was insanely distracting because there were people who sat around me that wanted to talk throughout the lecture, so I ended up missing some of the material that he was trying to teach us.

I loved my COMS 104 Basic News Writing class. I was able to meet people with my major and we were able to communicate and effectively work together to create well written articles. This class had only 14 people in it. I have learned that I am able to receive information better when the class sizes are smaller because it offers a more one on one experience with the professor.

One of the things that I love about my major is that for the most part the classes are small and intimate. Unlike with most classes, my professors for my COMS classes actually know my name and care about what I am interested in doing in the future and what I am doing right now to further my career path. One of my professors tries to help me with my work for the paper as often as she can whether that be promoting the paper or telling me about events that are going on in the community.

This semester my COMS 204 class is even smaller than my COMS 104 was, which makes me feel better about the atmosphere. Because the class is so small, it is really easy to get to know my classmates and my professor on a deeper level than I would be able to if the class was very large.

Overall, I think that Radford has given me many, many opportunities that I would not have if I had decided to go to a larger university like James Madison. I am glad that I chose this school because if I did not then I would not be Insights Editor at a paper, and I would not have that one-on-one training that will definitely make a big difference in the real world.