Jobs students can have in college


Hannah Curran

College can be and is very expensive. Many students take out loans and don’t have much help paying for school. A great way to help with all those expenses is getting a job. Many jobs can be obtained while you’re in college to help with all those costs. Higher a Highlander is an excellent source to use. It tells you open jobs on campus and who is hiring. There are also ways to search for jobs that may be specific to your major or interests which can also be an excellent way to get involved with your department, which can help you make good connections for later on.

If you don’t want to work on campus, there are many places close by such as Cold Stone, Subway, and 7-11 that you could look at for a job. These are convenient because you can walk there from campus and there are other students working there so you could make friends who are dealing with the same things. One job that I think relates to a lot of people in college is working in a grocery store. I did it all through high school, and many people I know did as well. There are options for that close by as well such as Kroger, Food Lion, and Walmart.

The last main thing I can recommend is being a waiter or waitress. It can be tough work but can also be a great job to have in college. There are many restaurants very close to campus that you could try to work at. One of the benefits of this is that as a waiter or waitress there is a large chance that you will become close to the people who work there as well. A significant benefit I have noticed with working while in school is that working can help improve your time management skills. Since you have a schedule and have something you have to be doing, your work might become done more proficiently and scheduled out. Gaining any job experience can help later on because in any job you’ll gain useful work experience.

Many students work while in college, and It can have the added benefits and make life easier in many ways. If you’re looking for a job, many of these places are often hiring and can be good to start looking at. Make sure if you are looking to find something that will work with your schedule and still gives you time to do school work and have some downtime.