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“You’ll float too!” with Georgie, Betty, and most of the children from Derry, Maine this September with the recent release of IT. IT is a remake of the 1990 cult classic of the same title, which follows a group of teenagers who encounter Pennywise the Dancing Clown who has a darker side than the circus could show. The film draws out fears that both the characters and the audience have.

‘IT’ follows the gang dubbed ‘The Losers’ Club’ a year after one of their friends’ little brother, Georgie, disappeared from the street. Billy took the loss of his missing brother as a sign that he had to find him, so he urged the Losers’ to join his in searching the sewers. In the year that Georgie went missing a lot of children and teenagers began going missing as well, almost at an alarming rate. Newer missing signs could be seen covering the over faded ones as if the kids were given up on.

The band of misfits is accumulated of Billy, Ben, Beverly, Richie, Mike, Eddie and Stanley who are all different from the others in their grade. Billy has a slight stutter and has taken the loss of his younger brother harder than most. Ben is the ‘new kid on the block’ who loves New Kids on The Block who has a crush on Beverly. Young Beverly is the only girl in the group and is labeled the ‘town slut’ by the lies spread around by her before the incidents in the film. Richie is the comic relief of the movie, spewing lewd jokes and genital comments that make the film easier to watch. Mike is a young man whose parents died in a tragic fire and now is bullied by Henry Bowers, the son of the local police officer. Eddie is the small, malnourished one whose erratic; the harebrained mother keeps him on medication on a painfully daily basis. Then there is Stanley, the young Jewish boy who experiences his bar mitzvah during the film and is picked on for his religion.

The kids experience nightmarish situations in which Pennywise chases them and their fears, but they are too afraid to share it with each other until they find out they are not alone. Having found solace in each other, they pull together Billy’s father’s schematics and Ben’s projections from the library to discover that children have been disappearing for years. The standard item dealing with every disappearance leads back to the sewer lines which go to one location, an abandoned house that no one has gone near for decades. The climax of the film occurs when the kids face off against Pennywise and their fears within the house, and several of them get harmed in the process.

Thus far, the film has raked in over 103 million dollars by September 10, 2017, with its 4,103 theaters and screens. IT had a huge estimated budget of around 35 million dollars, and it shows throughout the film with the props, the makeup, sets, as well as the CGI applications. The theatre was packed with people from different ages going to see IT for the first time, to wanting to get a sense of nostalgia for watching the original. Viewers laughed and jumped throughout the movie due to its constant jump scares and it’s perfect line reading. Overall the film had me jumping out of my seat and cheering to be a part of ‘The Losers’ Club,’ however, the heartwarming happy ending did leave me wanting a bit more from Chapter One of what looks to be one twisted carnival ride. 4/5.

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