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Is there too much pressure to get a job after graduating college?

Mekhiya Gregory

Life after college. There are a lot of things students do after they graduate. Some work on expanding their education and others start working straight into their careers. Most college students feel making that adult step could be difficult, as well as finding what you want to do after your undergraduate college years are over. I think there is some pressure in figuring out the next step after graduation. You are expected to have this master plan, and for everything to go according to that plan. The sad truth is that life simply happens. Yes, you want everything to be perfect, but in reality, you are young and still trying to figure things out.

I think it is based mostly on the adjustment of fully having to do everything for yourself. Of course, every college student wants to be on their own fully and succeeding in the career of their choice, but there is a major adjustment of not having your parents providing for you anymore. To have that reality moment, “That I’m an adult” can be scary. Like myself coming to college during the fall was frightening for me because I am so used to being around my mother and now I have to be a young adult. I would put that same reality or “light bulb goes off” moments in the same category like freshmen coming into college and a senior leaving college going into the “real world.”

The term “real world” intimidates me and probably many others as well. I think it is just all about you truly growing and maturing into the adult that college and experiences train you for. I believe this added the pressure of being ready for the “real world” makes it seem like you are being thrown to the wolves.  The whole point of life is to live and grow from the mistakes you make or the experiences you have had. So, in the end, there is more of an expectation that you would have everything together before you graduate. I think it does make a difference when you do have a game plan and back up plans so that you will not feel like you completely failed if one falls through. I feel even if you have an idea of what you want to do after you graduate you are on the right track in avoiding the pressure that comes with your college years ending.

Have fun. Do not succumb to the pressure of having everything perfect after college. Take the great opportunities and the amazing doors that would be open to you after you make that next step in life. Take every positive and motivating thing and use it to push you to that next phase in your life.

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