Is ‘Rate My Professor’ Accurate?

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By Gabby Cohen |

Have you ever wanted to see how well your professor teaches?

‘Rate My Professor’ is a website that you can use to find out how most professors in any school teaches and their strategies. You can also see the students’ replies, overall qualities, and ratings of your professors given by their previous students.

On the website, it doesn’t have to be just a professor, and you can rate the school itself also. When rating the school, there are different things to rates like the food, location, reputation, and so on.

How do you use it?

On the top of the website, you can select what you are looking to rate; if it’s a professor in the school or the school itself.

When you type in Radford University, two columns show up, professors and how the school stacks up. You can scroll down and see the rest of the comments. If you want to write a review, you have to sign up on the website.

I wouldn’t say that all the comments are great. Some of them are negative, but then there are some that are positive. Students shouldn’t judge a professor or school based on the comments of other people.

Sometimes people had bad days or a bad experience with the professor and needed somewhere to post their comments. That’s one reason why people think that this website isn’t accurate.

Some people think that this website isn’t accurate enough because it is made by students that have complaints with the school.

In a New York Times magazine article, it was stated that “In that world, then, Bott is ‘cool,’ ‘groovy’ and ‘a stud.’ But above all, he furnishes students with what several reviewers call ‘good mission prep’.” Explaining that based on these adjectives of the professor it doesn’t mean that they are a “good teacher.”

When reading these comments, some of these are mostly quirky, yet untrustworthy reviews. They all somewhat sound the same, but people have different experiences than others do.

Personally, I don’t trust the website. I think that it is just like any website review on almost anything. Anybody can say anything, but you don’t have to agree. I usually don’t judge the professor based on the website. I would only judge them when meeting in person and their teaching skills.

You may not be paying attention to a particular topic that you are interested in because you are so invested in the professor’s style of teaching. Some professors might even bring up in class how bad their review was and try to overcome that fear by showing off a different teaching style.

Overall, ‘Rate My Professor’ isn’t the best site to use when looking up almost anything related to Radford University. You must be there for the experience yourself and don’t let other peoples experience influence your time here.

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