Is America Becoming too Sensitive?

3 min read “Is society too sensitive?” is a loaded question and the answer I give may offend some people.


Hannah Curran | 

“Is society too sensitive?” is a loaded question and the answer I give may offend some people.

Yes, society is much too sensitive.

From Twitter to television, everyone always continues to find something to complain about. Things ranging from President Trump, Twitter, and the NFL has made the world mad and hateful. Sparking arguments from brute comments to send the world into a mania, of having to fight everyone they come in contact with.

Here is my stance on how you should come at Trump: Frankly, I do not care if you voted for him or not. Since he was elected, people are not the best friends anymore because one person voted for a particular person that didn’t win the election and an argument starts up from that. That is petty, and not only that, we live in America. So for everyone saying, “ he is not my president,” he is!

You live in America, so that makes him your president and that is a fact. I’m sure some of you will want to argue, so go ahead, but you can’t argue with pure fact. I’m sorry if his presidency offends you, but it does not change that he is the president. Are you really so offended that you’re going to kick a best friend out of your life? That does not make sense to me.

Secondly, let’s take a look at Twitter. Every single day I go on Twitter and see someone arguing with someone else because they share a different opinion.

Do you want to know the reason why no one can have a different view these days? It’s because everyone is too sensitive to imagine a world of compromise. Perhaps not even compromise, but understanding.

America has lost the ability to understand. It ranges from understanding someone voting for Trump, to understanding that an illegal immigrant needs asylum. You do not always have to change someone’s opinion to continue supporting your own. Arguing or even treating people the way some do on Twitter is not making you or your thoughts productive.

The NFL is another company everyone wants to hate. What most people struggle with is fact-checking and digging deeper. Most people will very quickly say that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was booted from the NFL for making a political statement – a protest. Wrong.

How about we take a second to compare him to others in the league. According to The Washington Post, based on the statistics of the 2016 starting quarterback season compared to Kaepernick: 10 were worse, seven were about the same, and 15 were better. When you are average in something like the NFL you are not guaranteed a spot. End of story.

There are many average quarterbacks in college football who never set foot in the league. It is a game for coaches as well as the players. Andy Benoit of Sports Illustrated wrote an article before Kaepernick began his protest saying he would be soon out of the league. Why?

Because there are 15 backup quarterbacks in league with better statistics than him. “He ceases to be a throwing threat,” Benoit said. Some people appreciated his protest, some didn’t, though it did not end his career.

I think the nation is much too sensitive and many have taken the idea that America is out to get them. However, stop and think for a second, why do you have the right to tweet that comment or make that protest. It is because America has given you the freedom to.

Photo Credit (Photo by Pablo Varela on Unsplash)