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Is 5 p.m. too early to be out of the dorms for breaks?

Hannah Curran

Before Christmas break, the dorms close at 5 p.m. on Friday and everyone must be out. There are some exceptions but those people who need are not able to be out by 5 p.m. have to get approval from the Resident Director in their dorm. There can be many problems with the dorms closing at 5 p.m. due to class schedule, rides, and many other conflicts that can come about. Last year the dorms closed at 7 p.m. which was more convenient even though it was only a little more time, according to sophomore Stephanie Judd. The dorms do need an official closing time for safety reasons as well as someone has to stay until everyone leaves, and no one wants to miss time with their family, however should it be so close to the end of classes?

Many students agree that perhaps the closing time should be pushed back. Freshmen Kenzie Larrison thinks “…the policy should extend through the weekend or at least through Saturday. Many people that I know are not in control of when they come home and may even need a ride from their parents. Because parents work, they may need to wait until the weekend to do so. While there are ways to get an exception to the rule, changing this policy would avoid the faculty having to accommodate individual requests. The policy of the halls closing is a good one, I just feel that they need to extend it through the weekend to accommodate more students.” Larrison makes many good points, and it could save having to process a lot of individual requests if it extended through the weekend. Freshmen Daniel White also agrees saying, “I think they should be open later because some people don’t have cars, some people take late afternoons classes, and people waiting on family members to come get them have no control over the traffic getting here.” White also makes good points about the traffic, and some people may live far and their parents have to make the trip in two days in order to come get them which could cause conflict if they have to work and cannot leave until the weekend. Freshmen Duncan Watterson also agrees saying that, “A lot of freshmen don’t have rides home by 5 p.m. on that Friday. Those that live farther away may not have friends to drive them, or their parents get off work later then 5 p.m. I think that a better alternative would be for the time to be pushed back to 12 p.m. that Saturday. This provides more time for the students to get a ride back home.” In general, I think most people would agree staying open through the weekend would be very helpful to many students living on campus.

However, there are students who think the policy of closing at 5 p.m. is a good one. Freshmen Robin McGrath thinks the policy is good saying it, “…ensures that everyone will be out of the building for safety reasons and such. Of course I do think that there should be exceptions to the rule, especially for people who still have late classes. This also motivates students to pack and clean their rooms sooner.” Closing at that time does ensure everyone is out safely and prevents anything bad from happening over the weekend if someone stays.

There are pros and cons to staying open for the weekend. I think many would find it more helpful for travel purposes though. It can help accommodate traveling a little easier on the parents who have to come get students and can also give more time to make sure your room is in order before you leave for break.


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