Interview: Logan Sherrill on Launching a Career Television

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By: Wesley Wallace |

Logan Sherrill, a weekday reporter at WDBJ7 news, offers advice to Radford University students who want to become television anchors.

Before coming to Roanoke, VA, Sherrill attended Western Carolina University.

While in North Carolina, Sherrill worked as a general manager for WCCU-FM, a production crew member for WBTV news and Morning sports anchor for Good Day Charlotte. Given the competitive nature of both radio and television, Sherrill has learned how to establish allies within the entertainment industry.

“After being in the business for nine years, I’ve definitely been burned by some people who I thought were close to me,” Sherrill explained. “You have to keep a tight circle of friends and know who has genuine interests.”

Additionally, he thinks it’s essential for students to be versatile in all areas of journalism and video production. Sherrill said, “You want to be a chameleon, you have to be able to shoot, write, produce and edit your own work. If you only know how to do one thing, you’ll get passed over for someone who is more adaptable.”

Furthermore, Sherrill discussed the value of networking and establishing relationships within the entertainment industry. He says, “It’s not what you know, but it’s who you know. Knowing people will definitely help your career, especially if they can help you break into a specific television market. If they recommend you to a hiring manager at a television station, you’re more likely to land a job.”

Lastly, he provided some tips on how students can make a perfect demo reel of their work. “When making a demo reel, you want to put your best clips at the beginning of your reel. Each clip should vary in style and showcase your on-camera presence. You also want to have content that is both serious and light-hearted.”

Sherrill offers a lot of great advice and tips; some of which pertain to all career paths, not just the entertainment industry.

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