Inside look: The Student Photography Show

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On Tuesday, Feb. 23, in Gallery 205, the Student Photography Show was put on display. There were numerous types of photography showcased: portraits, candids, and pigmented prints. Each photograph told a different story that speaks to all people.

The first set of photographs I noticed as soon as I walked in was called “Eerie Mind.” This piece consisted of two pictures, one on top of the other, featuring the same woman but holding a different object in each picture. The top picture, the woman is holding a photograph of an ancient woman statue. A distinct characteristic that stands out is that the ancient woman statue that has multiple curves.

In the lower picture, it is the same woman holding a corset. It is clear that the corset is far too small for this woman to wear, yet symbolizes what the definition of beauty today. This piece was absolutely fascinating in how it showcased that the image of beauty is constantly changing with the times. It is taking a stand against the beauty norms and telling people that they should love themselves, regardless of their size.

The next piece took up an entire wall and consisted of ten pictures. The piece was entitled “We Are Americans Too.” Each picture was black and white, featured a different person in the picture, and underneath had a quote from the person featured in the picture. A common theme was that all of the people were featured of Latino decent and the struggles they have faced throughout their lives.

There was a simple picture of many types of makeup sitting on a counter. However, the quote stated “People only see me as ‘white’. I darken my skin tone so I’m not as pale and people will see me as Latina too.”

A modest picture of a woman sitting in a garden, holding her dog. The quote underneath stated, “Gardening is my hobby. I work hard so I can come back to this land and maintain it.”

The last picture on the wall was a candid of two girls laughing with one another, seemingly happy. Yet, the quote changed that viewpoint. “In high school, I considered myself white in order to fit in. I feel like I hurt my parents a lot.”

There was a different type photography on another wall, showcasing different areas around the state of Virginia. They were nothing groundbreaking, just photos of different places. The one photograph that stood out to me was a rustic looking picture of the Confederate Flag Museum in Appomattox, VA, which is also the title of the piece. It was taken on an overcast day with a filter applied that seemed to make the building look neglected. I could not see any deeper meaning to the picture but it made an impression in the way that it was taken and the way the filter was applied.

Congratulations to all of the photographers that had their pieces chosen for the showcase!