Inside look: Fashion Fête

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On Saturday, Mach 19, Radford University’s Department of Design presented their 18th Annual Spring Fashion Show, “Fashion Fête,” at 7:30 p.m. in Bondurant Auditorium of Preston Hall. The event showcased the designs of Radford University students, including sophomores, juniors, and seniors. All the designs were adjudicated by a panel of judges who are professionals in the field. The models were from the Radford University community.The evening was filled with a variety of interesting, creative, and impressive fashion designs.

According to the program, 13 designers presented their designs with 66 models. The categories for each design included “Active Sportswear,” “Resort Wear,” “Day Wear,” “Career Wear,” “ Semi-Formal Wear,” “Formal Wear,” and “Senior Collection.” Since the designs were not modeled in any particular order, the audience was kept refreshed and attentive, waiting to see the next splendid creation.

“Senior Collections” were mixed in between single designs. The first “Senior Collection” was designed by Breege Addo-Collins. Her collection was inspired by sculptures and architecture, which was evident in the asymmetrical, yet structured, style of her designs. The color scheme included teal and white.

The second “Senior Collection” was designed by Destiny Howard. Howard explained that her design concept was about coming out of chaos and was inspired by the gospel and song. She explained that the collection was essentially her testimony because when people go through chaos, they eventually figure everything out. The designs were for the fall season and were of urban casual style. Black was the main color scheme, but with pops of other bright colors as well.

The “Senior Collection” of Dakota Wells was based on, according to Wells, colors and retro art from the 1960s. These designs were bright with color and eye-catching with geometric shapes. In this collection there were casual and career outfits, including a romper, dress, and skirt sets.

For the final “Senior Collection,” Emily Anne Charest presented “Understated Elegance.” She explained that her designs were created with standard sized measurements since she wanted the elegance of the piece to be seen without a fixed focal point. This collection’s color scheme was black, red, and white.

After the show concluded, awards were presented to the winners of each design category. The winner for “Active Sportswear” and “Career Wear” was Megan Short. For the “Day Wear” and “Semi-Formal” categories, Destiny Howard won. The recipient of the “Resort Wear” and “Formal” awards was Breege Addo-Collins. The Designer of the Year Award was awarded to Breege Addo-Collins. Destiny Howard was awarded the Senior Designer of the Year Award. The Senior Collection Award, given by Fashionista Roanoke, was awarded to EmilyAnne Charest.
To end the evening, President Kyle was given a shawl designed by Alison Martin and Shari Smith. President Kyle was also given a bouquet of flowers for her support of the Department of Design. The Radford University Department of Design is composed of Fashion Design, Interior Design, Design Management, and Merchandising. The Merchandising students were in charge of organizing the evening’s event.
Without a doubt, the enthusiastic crowd of family, friends, faculty, and students certainly enjoyed the upbeat and creative atmosphere of the evening.