Incoming freshman profile

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James Pennix conducted a profile on the current incoming 2017 freshman class. This profile split the pool of applicants into those who applied, those who were offered admission, and those who accepted admission into Radford University. As estimates, he calculated that the number of freshman applicants was around 7770 total: 6100 were offered admission, and those who decided to attend undergrad here at RU were in the range of 1990.

Looking at the number of applicable student, students who were offered admissions and to those who actually enrolled. Around 4110 students declined coming to Radford and it leaves a big question lingering: why did those students decline acceptance to attend Radford?

What is it about Radford that pulls students in, or conversely, makes them not want to attend RU? Dr. Shuo Yao, a professor of the School of Communications, was asked for her opinion on what good attributes RU has that could bring students in, and also for her input on why some students didn’t end up attending the school. In the brief encounter Dr. Yao mentioned that a good thing Radford offers is the smaller campus and much better teacher to student ratio where you can get one-on-one with a professor. However, in regards to drawing students in, Dr. Yao said that RU could try more persuasive approaches: “get out there more, and tell what Radford can offer students. Have something that makes Radford University stand out, [something] about Radford would make a student proud to attend.”

These new freshman that have come to RU have just completed their first full month of college, and experienced their first real taste of college life. The profile pinpointed some of the popular majors for new freshmen: business, media studies, and criminal justice were popular, just to name a few. The interesting fact about RU is that it offers interdisciplinary studies as a concentration and with this you are basically allowed to build your own degree. Radford offers several rare degrees, including Music Therapy, Fashion Design/Merchandising and Communication Sciences and Disorders. RU offers a variety of courses and by offering so many it opens the door for students to place Radford University as a potential school. While admissions are rather selective on who they accept, their main focus is allowing the student to be who they are by developing different skills, interests and motivations that will allow you as a student to succeed once you graduate. Students are selected from several basic criteria, including high school records, GPA, and class rank.

ACTs and SATs also have an impact, as well as having a few extracurricular activities. Radford recommends that students that are applying to the school to have completed four years of math, English, social studies and laboratory science, with three to four years in a foreign language. Virginia students are strongly encouraged to take advanced courses during the high school careers and Pre-nursing students are strongly advised to take units in biology and chemistry before enrolling at RU. With this knowledge, future prospects will know the basic criteria at RU looks for in a potential student.