I Scream for Ice Cream

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Article written by Annie Akers. Photograph taken by Christian Kosko.

After the construction of the new apartments on Tyler Avenue, students have been discussing what the bottom level is going to be filled with. So far the two stores, 7- Eleven and Subway, have been very successful and with hopes of a quick construction they will be joined by Cold Stone Creamery very soon. A plan has been set in place between Price Williams Reality and the owner of Cold Stone to open up a store in the empty building.

Even with a location in Christiansburg, the owner of Cold Stone wanted a store closer to the Radford University campus for more student customers. Since the food places within walking distance of the campus have been successful so far, there is no doubt that Cold Stone Creamery will follow in their footsteps.

With the sign up and construction started, students have already become eager about the day Cold Stone will open. Paige Doughty, a senior, is very happy saying, “Cold Stone is my favorite ice cream place so I am really excited that it is coming to Radford. It will be perfect on those hot days.”

Even students who do not eat ice cream that often can enjoy another option from the frozen yogurt places such as Pinkberry on campus and BTO’s on Main Street. Sarah Nesterick, a sophomore, says, “I’m excited for the new Cold Stone. I don’t eat ice cream very much, but I think it will be nice to have something other than Pinkberry in Radford.”

However not all of the students think the choice of an ice cream parlor was the right one. Students might have enjoyed a restaurant rather than a dessert place. Alexis Smith, a sophomore, explains “I think they should have put in a Chipotle or something students would want to eat as an off campus meal. Cold Stone is very good, but expensive and I would rather spend my money on a decent meal rather than sweets.”

Regardless of students’ level of excitement, they won’t have to wait too much longer to get a scoop of their favorite ice cream. Price Williams has stated that they are hoping for Cold Stone Creamery to be up and running by the beginning of March.

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