Humans of Radford

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Brittany, sophmore:

“It happened when I was in second grade. It was a significant moment in my life because I was younger when it happened, I was maybe seven or eight years old. It was super upset about it, obviously. I was always really close to my father, and we would hang out a lot. Me, my older sister and my dad would sneak out to go to Dairy Queen late at night. My mom would always be able to tell, which caused some problems but it was worth it.

My dad spoiled me when I was younger. He was also very stern but always a great father. It all happened all so sudden; I don’t even remember all that happened but it was a big moment in my life. I know a lot of people think that divorce still affects a person years after it happens. I meet several people who say “Oh I’m so sorry”, but you don’t have to. It’s not your fault; it’s my parents. I mean it is selfish to think that it is anyone’s fault. They fought all the time, even though my sister and I never saw it. We would be able to hear them yell and cry, but they never would fight in front of us. I’m glad I never did. There may have been hitting, on both sides, but I’m not sure.

Eventually, my dad was around less and less, and that would make me upset. When I was younger, I would be sad constantly about their divorce. My mom would tell me about some of the problems they had and how they had a lot of anger between them and that made me realize that it maybe would be better if they were divorced. I would miss all of the stuff that we would all do as a family that now had to be split between the parents, but eventually, I got used to it. Even after they were separated, the fights would continue over the phone, and there were nights where my mom would be crying, and I would go in and help to comfort her. Eventually, they became friends again.

Now since I’m away at college, I don’t see either parent a lot anymore, but I don’t feel as badly about it. It is just something that happens, and I know everyone has experiences in their lives that are bad and can make you feel terrible, but eventually you will get over it, and it will all be easier to handle. I feel like no bad a situation is; it will make you stronger. This situation has made me stronger in future relationships and friendships because I will be able to see red flags that maybe others could not see. I mean, yes I wish my parents would still be together, but I’m just glad they’re happier now, which makes me happy as well.”