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How to take advantage of summer break

Hannah Curran

There are lots of expectations that people have towards finally being on summer break. Going to the beach, going on road trips, seeing friends back home, and maybe getting that summer job back from last year. Summer means bliss and for most, no more school for three months and nothing critical to think about. While I love the beach and seeing my friends, I also make the personal choice to keep going to school to try to stay somewhat ahead and save some money. For some that may be an excellent option, going home and taking some community college transfer classes and making your year a little easier. Another thing I like doing is working over my summer break. I can make some money for the school year, and it gives me something productive to do outside my house.

Yes, I plan on going home and studying the majority of my summer on top of working full time. However, all that being said, I love the beach. It is one of my favorite places on earth. I made a choice to do all of my summer classes online through my community college mostly in the hopes I can go to the beach a ton this summer. I mean where else would you want to be in the hot sunny days? It is so relaxing to have a break from school and papers and due dates that I just want to be swept away into thinking about nothing.

Many people have the same thoughts about summer break that I do. Freshmen Tristin Hartz said, “I plan on taking a class or two at the local community college and going on vacation.” Pretty much matching my plans and a bunch of other people’s plans, it sounds like a beautiful summer ahead. However, not all will be going to take classes, Freshmen Andrew Cowdrick said he is going to spend his summer, “wakeboarding, and teaching other water sports to people at Smith Mountain Lake,” where he lives. He also said his main reason for working (besides loving it), is to “make extra money and come back to school with some more spending money.” These are great ways to take advantage of the summer time. Taking classes, working, or laying around all summer, it does not matter as long as you are doing whatever you want.

Being in college especially has made me appreciate summer break even more. All year I go and go with school and even a month of winter break seems to fly by so fast and then I have to go back to work and to stress. But having a three-month break to do whatever I want sounds good after having a hectic school year. Taking advantage of summer in whatever way you will be refreshing and fun. It is always nice to go home for a while.


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