How to start the semester off right

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Jesse Harden

As we acclimate to being back in school for the Spring 2016 semester, many of you are no doubt worried about earning good grades. Whether you’re a senior who needs to pass your classes in order to graduate or a freshman still learning the whole college routine, your academics are important. So, here are some tips for you to consider.

First, schedule time for homework and other tasks. While it may seem unnecessary or even silly, having a regularly scheduled time to work on homework can help you develop a routine for success. Setting aside time helps you keep up with or even get ahead of the college workload, meaning fewer all-nighters and stressful days before deadlines. Don’t have any homework due soon? Try working on assignments due later in the semester or doing some additional studying of your course materials. Keeping a routine is key here, as it will become easier to make progress when you already have a regular time set aside for working on homework each day.

Second, create or join a study group for your classes. One of the best ways to break down and memorize difficult concepts is to work with fellow students in your classes as permitted. By discussing class materials as a group, all involved can gain a deeper understanding of the material, or at least better questions to ask the professor.

Third, make an appointment at the LARC. The LARC offers free tutoring for all students in a variety of different subjects. No matter how smart you are, there comes a time when you need help with a subject, so there’s no shame in going to the LARC for tutoring; it may be just what you need to ensure you get a good grade!

Lastly, take care of yourself’! If you want to do well in school, you need to take care of yourself. This means taking some time to relax and de-stress, getting a good night’s sleep, and eating well, among other things. By taking care of your body and your mind, you enable yourself to tackle school work with everything you’ve got.

Ultimately, there isn’t a better shortcut to success than sufficient effort, preparation, and follow-through. This is true whether you’re solving math problems or life problems, so set yourself up for success by following the tips above!