How to Register for Fall 2020 Classes at Radford University and RUC

3 min read Registration for Fall 2020 classes opened Monday, April 6, allowing students to pick and choose what type of classes that will fill their degree audits.

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Registration for Fall 2020 classes opened Monday, April 6, allowing students to pick and choose what type of classes that will fill their degree audits.

All students are required to schedule an appointment with their academic advisor and are encouraged to use Starfish CONNECT™, Radford’s online appointment scheduling and case management module, accessed through the MyRU portal.

When students are registering for classes, a specific time slot is provided in the Course Registration, which is located in the MyRU portal. The time when students can sign up for classes is based on their class standing (seniors will start before juniors, juniors before sophomore, etc.).

Course Registration
Photo Credit: (Dylan Lepore) Course registration times.

Course Registration

When you are registering for classes, it is important to make sure there are no holds on your Course Registration. 

To find possible holds in your account, go to the “Academic” icon in the MyRU Portal and then click on the “Banner SSB Student Menu” – there, students can view their “Student Records,” which contains their holds on their account under “View Holds.”

View Holds
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Registration for Classes

Once students have selected a day and time to meet with their academic advisors, their academic advisors should contact them through Zoom or by email. The advisors of each college will assign a specific registration pin code to students to sign up for classes. 

If the student’s academic advisor does not assign a registration pin code, please reach out to the Registrar’s Office or call them by phone at (540) 831-5271. The only exception is that graduate students do not need a pin code to register for classes.

For those who are serving or who are actively in duty in the United States Armed Force, the Registrar’s Office will place them in the “Priority Registration Groups,” which starts at 7 a.m., April 8.

Radford University Carilion Students

Students who enroll in Radford University Carilion (RUC) will have priority access to RUC courses for the first two weeks of registration. Beginning on Monday, April 20, main campus students will be allowed to register for RUC fall courses. Students can register for up to six credit hours per term at RUC.

Student’s Restrictions

As for students who have major temporary restrictions on their registration will be removed on Monday, April 20. 

Students with approved course overloads seeking to do more than 18 credit hours will have to wait until April 20 to apply for their additional courses.

Overriding Request

When students request to do an override for classes, only their department chair, and school director, of their college can approve them to join the class. The same steps apply when you register for classes online during your scheduled time.

Once the department chair or school directors have approved for you to take the class, be sure to enter your Class Registration Number in the correct location. If an error occurs when doing this, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

The Registrars Office has provided these additional resources to students for class registration:

Registration Resources