Housing options in Radford

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Tanasia Campos | tcampos1@radford.edu

When it comes to housing at Radford, you can choose to live on or off campus. Freshman typically tend to live on campus but after that first year they can choose to break the housing contract or they could just keep living on campus but just like most things in life there are pros and cons to each option.

On campus pros include: Living on campus can be pretty great; everything is in walking distance and you do not have to wake up super early to make it to a class. With on-campus housing also comes the option of a meal plan which can either give you a certain amount of swipes per week or you can have discounts to food places all over campus. You are also made aware of games and events on campus, with all the flyers in Dalton and in the dorms. When living in a dorm, the room is pre-furnished, so when thinking about what to get for your room you only need the basics and can hang out in the lounge whenever you want.

On campus cons include: All those benefits may be nice, but there are also some downsides to consider. Every person having to share a room on campus may not sit well with some people. At first, it can be okay after you start to get to know the person.  But after a while, things can go sour and you can have a roommate transfer for serious cases, but in other cases you might be stuck seeing that person every day, and things can get awkward. For vacations, you have to leave your room and come back when they re-open the day before classes start. Another downside to living on campus can be the fact that any pet other than a fish is not allowed on campus. This makes sense because no one wants a dog or cat running around, but I do not think it is fair that we can’t have small caged animals. Lastly, the fact that certain things will not be allowed in the room due to potential fire hazards and fire drills that could happen at any time.

Off campus cons include: You may be allowed to have pets if you live off campus. Depending on where you live, you can have whatever pet you want, as long as you clear any potential fears or allergies of the pet in mind with your roommates. You can also get more privacy. Sure, you still have roommates, but you have your own room so if things start to go bad, you can just stay in your room so you will not have to see them as much. You won’t really have to worry about how clean your room is either, since you won’t be sharing it with anyone else. Another good thing about living off campus, is that there aren’t any routine fire drills, so you can have a full night’s sleep.

Off campus pros include: As for the cons of living off campus, there are quite a few. The first thing can be distance; sure there are places off campus close by but not everyone is that lucky. If you don’t have a car, and your place is not close by, you will have to rely on the bus system.  However, if you miss a bus, it may cause you to be late for class.   Another downside to living off campus is that you’re on your own. While living off campus you don’t get a meal plan and you have to worry about furniture. You actually have to cook your own food if you don’t want to have to pay for it every day.  In regard to furniture, your room will be empty so you need to get a bed and dresser just like in regular apartments.

All in all, living on or off campus can be wonderful experiences but it all depends on what the person is looking for.