Honors College Director Advances Educational Interests

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By: Wesley Wallace | wwallace5@radford.edu

Dr. Niels Christensen, Director of Radford University’s Honors College, oversees the educational development of students within the program.

Students within the college must go through a rigorous honors curriculum to graduate as Highlander Honors Scholars, or with Highlander Honors Distinction.

Dr. Christensen gave some helpful advice for students entering the Honors College by saying, “I always tell students to think of the Honors College as a reward, it shouldn’t be something that is scary but rather something that is exciting.”

He continued by saying, “Although the classes are rigorous, they are limited to 20 students, this allows them to have an engaging discussion with classroom professors that may not be had in larger classrooms.”

There are three ways for students to be admitted to the Honors College coming out of High school. Seniors who have obtained a 3.7 GPA, earned a B or better in at least one AP/DE/IB course, or have scored 1100 on their SAT exams are eligible for the Honors College.

Admittance into the Honors College allows students to conduct honors capstone research projects that are geared toward their majors and educational interests. By working on their research projects for three semesters, students have the opportunity to present their work at academic conferences and provide new knowledge within a specific field of study.

Additionally, students can meet and connect with a diversified group of faculty members and students while they continue their educational journeys at Radford University.

Dr. Christensen hopes to advance the research endeavors of honors students. He discussed this by saying, “In graduate school and for research professors, a big part of how you are trained to view success is determined by the amount of research articles that you publish, and the amount of grant money that you receive for academic research projects.”

He continued by stating, “I feel most rewarded when a student publishes an article or does a research presentation at a conference.”

As the Honors College expands, Dr. Christensen wants honors students to graduate from Radford University with great accomplishments and enjoyable memories of their undergraduate careers.

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