Hillel and Catholic ministries unite to celebrate ancient traditions



On Tuesday night, the Jewish Hillel and Catholic Ministries shared a Seder dinner to share different traditions and to learn about their faiths. Through the unison of friendship between the two communities there was much to be said and much to be learned.

Seder is not just the retelling of the ancient and compelling story of Passover, but experiencing the bitterness of oppression and the sweetness of freedom. The current day Seder is also a commemoration of those lost in the Red Sea during the Israelites’ flight out of Egypt and those lost in other tragedies such as the Holocaust. According to tradition there is an empty chair left out to symbolize all those lost.

When asked what they enjoyed most about the dinner, Haley Yost, president of Catholic Campus Ministry said, “Being able to celebrate their tradition and learning more about it.”

Mary Semenczuk, intern for Catholic Campus Ministry said what she loved was, “ The beauty of being able to celebrate something during their holy week.” Anya Morgulis who works with Hillel Ministry said she was “grateful to teach and have the opportunity to share new experiences.”

Credit goes to Marissa Salad, president of Hillel Ministry for preparing traditional Seder plate of the Zeroa, the Beitzah, Maror, Charoset, Karpas, and Charzeret along with other delicacies, Anya Morgulis for helping coordinate the event and the Catholic Campus Ministry for hosting the event.

To learn more about upcoming events, visit the Hillel Ministry in the lower level of Tyler Hall and stop by the Catholic Campus Ministry house on the corner of Tyler and Jefferson Street.