Hilda: Prepare to Smile and Feel Happy

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By Tristan Blake Rines | trines@radford.edu

Looking for something to make your heart happy?

Then you need to sit down and check out Hilda, a new Netflix animated series, full of childlike fun and adventure that will make you smile.

Based on graphic novels written by Luke Pearson, Hilda follows the adventures of its blue-haired title character in a semi-modern world featuring mystical creatures such as trolls, giants, and even elves.

There are many elements to this show that make it unique including an impressive, cute art style, some intriguing and genuine characters, passionate voice acting, as well as great storytelling, and character development. All of which is wrapped into 13, twenty-four-minute episodes that are so wholesome, it hurts.

To start with, the art style is aesthetically pleasing. There are plenty of soft colors, as well as warm colors in most scenes that compliments the tone of the show and the individual scene itself. It seems to stick to the art style of the graphic novels as best as possible.

While there are a lot of soft tones and colors, Hilda’s use of said colors, also makes it easy for the audience to understand what the subject of each scene is and where it wants you to focus. At times, it’s done through brighter offsetting tones.

What Hilda also does well is make each of the main characters unique. Hilda herself is adventurous and epitomizes the childlike sense of wonder that we forget about when we grow older, and it makes her incredibly likable.

The supporting characters we encounter on this journey all successfully compliment Hilda well. Her friends David, a timid and cautious boy, and Frida, an overachieving and smart girl, who both help support Hilda’s character and give the audience a nice contrast.

Another character who is not bland by any means is Hilda’s mother, who works hard, cares about Hilda’s development in school, and parents her by providing criticism and mothering.

There is also Alfur, who after episode two accompanies Hilda to the main setting of the series, Trollberg, and provides guidance at points that assist her in times of crisis or by helping her resolve conflicts.

Voice acting is the element that helps tie this all together. When the characters encounter conflicts, the voice actors do an excellent job bringing the audience in, which in return, makes them feel as though the characters are in real distress.

Hilda does an exceptional job of using its story to develop its characters, and the conflicts that overlay from episode to episode. These conflicts are genuine between the characters, things change, and it doesn’t reset back to normal by the beginning of the next episode like most animated series of the past.

The Verdict
  • 9.4/10
    Hilda - 9.4/10

Don't Worry. Be Happy.

What Hilda does at its core is make you smile and feel happier, and in today’s world sometimes we need just that.