Highlander of the Week: Lee Hicks leads student body as president

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Keyla Lensch


Lee Hicks has an important job. He leads the student body to success and speaks for all 10,000 Highlanders at every meeting he leads and attends. He is Radford University’s Government Association and student body president.

Lee Hicks is a sophomore at Radford University from Virginia Beach, Virginia and is double majoring in Political Science and Social Science with a concentration in teaching.

When asked what he wants to do after he graduates college he said, “Well, I plan to teach high school American Government, hopefully back at my high school, and then run for public office in the years to follow.”

Hicks’ interest in student government was sparked in middle school when he was trying to defend a friend of his from, what was seen as, unreasonable charges.

“Well, it is a bit of a long story, but I will give you the ‘Reader’s Digest’ version,” Hicks said. It was 6th grade and a good friend of mine was written up for wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans in school. The assistant principal at the time, Mr. Heft, argued that the white t-shirt and blue jeans were ‘gang related clothing.’ Well, that made me angry and I wrote letters, petitions, got a meeting with the principal, and my friend’s charges were dropped. It was then that I learned the power of an active and vocal student voice and the importance of having a student leader that wasn’t afraid to vocalize a dissenting opinion from administration.”

As student body president for RU, Lee has many different responsibilities and goals. “My main goal is to create a better sense of community among the students, faculty, administration, and staff here at RU. I also want to increase school spirit and school pride. It hurts my heart when I see people walking around this campus with VT, UVA, and JMU, or insert other college name here, shirts. We are not at VT, UVA, JMU, or insert other college name here. We are at RU, and I want students to understand that.”

Being student body president is not an easy job to take on. Not only does he have to make sure he is accurately representing and speaking for all of us but he has to attend monthly meetings with the RU President, city council meetings, Chamber of Commerce meetings and joint-commission meetings.

He is also the leader of the Student Government Association; meaning that Hicks has to  “run all of the Senate meetings, sign off on resolutions that pass through the SGA, and make sure that everything is running smoothly with the organization.” Lastly, he is required to hold presidential round table meetings in order to collaborate with other campus leaders.

Although these responsibilities seem demanding, Hicks thoroughly enjoys being involved in student government, “I always enjoyed the feeling of not only serving my fellow students but also the feeling of leading them to a better place and having their voices heard! It is a great feeling!”

Campaigning was another great part of the student government process. When asked what campaigning was like for him he said, “Oh man, I loved it. Although I was unopposed, I loved going outside the Bonnie, shaking hands, handing out my cheaply made business cards, and getting to talk to and hear the stories of RU students. It was phenomenal, a complete and total blast!” said Hicks.

Student government isn’t all Hicks does, in his free time he likes to watch television or simply sit and “think about the day and what happened throughout the day, and how it will effect tomorrow.”