Highlander Chats: Eating and Greeting Made Easy

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By Tyler Martin | tmartin100@radford.edu

If you’re looking to make a better connection with a faculty or staff member here at Radford, the Highlander Chats is a great way to improve your networking.

What Is Highlander Chats

The goal of the activity is to get students and an accompanying faculty member out of the office or classroom and have a brief moment to simply interact and talk about anything regarding college progression or helpful career advice.

Highlander Chats will take place the week of Mar. 4 – 8 from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m.

Dalton Kitchen will be offering a complimentary meal to students and faculty members that are participating in the Highlander Chats.

Reach out to your favorite professors or other faculty members and join them in an opportunity to network and enjoy good food.