Heating up Main Street

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Jennifer Werner


Crumb and Get It, the new sensational pastry shop in Radford is a hit! The aromatic smell of fresh cookies and other tantalizing treats make your mouth water as you enter the shop.

The atmosphere is cozy, with a comfortable leather couch accented with fluffy pink and green pillows. The windows are lined with jars of candies perched on the shelves of an open-back bookshelf and bright colored aprons hang from hooks on the wall. Beautiful floral photos hang next to the couch, offering a welcoming environment for social gatherings.

From the moment you walk in the doors, the staff is friendly and inviting, ready to assist each customer.  “I started working here last month and I really like it. My favorite cookie is a combination cookie with walnuts and chocolate chips,” said Anne Brophy, a Radford University senior and Crumb and Get It employee.

Next to the cash register is a display case full of colorful cookies, cookie bars, and fancy gourmet cupcakes. Don’t worry if you don’t see something that you want, the staff will graciously bake you a different cookie. The patron can select which type of dough they would like and whatever mix-ins they prefer.

“The staff was definitely friendly and the cookies are much better than the ones at my previous in-town favorite, Subway,” said RU senior John Kuhn.

Are you feeding a hungry crowd that loves sweets? Well, you’re in luck. They also have cookie cakes, party trays, and their signature tin which holds a dozen of their delectable cookies.

To add to the list of items that will satisfy sweet tooth cravings, Crumb and Get it also carries a variety of ice cream.

To wash down the tasty treats, they also sell milk, coke products and coffee.

Delivery is an option at Crumb and Get It. According to their website, crumbandgetit.com, they will also be having cookie shipments in the near future.

Crumb and Get It’s rise to fame took place this past summer when the owner, Chris McMurray, politely turned down a photo-op with Vice President Joe Biden following President Barack Obama’s famous line, “you didn’t build that.” Following the controversy that took place after the rejection, Crumb and Get It is now selling a t-shirt with their logo on the front and the words “We Baked It” on the back.

Whatever your political views may be, Crumb and Get it has a variety of tempting treats that will leave you craving more.

Crumb and Get it is located at 1154 East Main St. in Radford, Va.