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Healthy relationships vs. unhealthy relationships

Hannah Hale

Healthy relationships are wonderful and beneficial to have, but an unhealthy relationship can really take a toll on your spirit. Some of us have not had access to the best sexual education classes, so we did not get the basic rundown of what a good relationship requires. What is healthy and unhealthy?

You may be used to hearing things like, “My girlfriend liked another guy’s picture and we have been fighting all night about it,” or “Why are you going to a boys night out when you know other girls will be around?”  Really? Jealousy for no reason is very unhealthy for a stable relationship. If you or your partner are constantly worried about monogamy then you will forget to enjoy being together. Unless there is a reasonable situation for jealousy, it should not be a problem in a relationship. From personal experience, jealousy was so draining. My ex and I would constantly be snapping at each other if we caught the other looking at an attractive person. In addition to this, I would get angry when girls would text him at all, no matter what the reason was. Being in a healthy relationship now showed me the pointlessness of misplaced jealousy.

Going along with the previous paragraph, trust is the ultimate foundation of a good relationship. Trust your partner to treat you with respect both to your face and when you are gone. Trust your partner when they go out without you, and let them have fun. You cannot and should not spend every second together. You both need space for individual growth. Remember the golden rule of treating others how you want to be treated. How can you expect to be trusted if you are constantly questioning your significant other’s loyalty for no good reason? Trust until trust is broken, and if that comes, communication is key.

Communicating in a relationship is the only way for your desires to be known. Rather than avoiding tough subjects, learn to talk about them. Talk through fights instead of being vindictive and calling each other names. Trust and communication go hand in hand. Hannah Bays said, “I think a key to a healthy relationship is good communication from both sides.” You need to establish good communication to maintain trust. Communication is important in sexual situations to set boundaries and intentions. It is safe to say that it is never okay to assume and you should always ask. That applies with almost every situation.

If your relationship is not healthy, and you just simply cannot work through it together, then it is not worth having. It is work to make a relationship good, and it takes some adjustment on both sides. Learn and grow together. You both should feel happy, loved, and secure with the relationship. These concepts go both ways, so be a good partner and expect the same in return.

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