Having A Laugh


By Gabby Cohen | gcohen2@radford.edu

Wednesday night at Radford was all about comedy.

The crowd was in a good mood, and everybody was having a good time. Comedian Ian Lara came all the way from New York, and he has been doing comedy for about 6-7 years. He has performed at various venues and colleges throughout his years.

In his first couple of skits, he talked about how he wants to be an R&B artist but leaped into comedy. His family has always been supporting Lara through his career, and he has been doing great.

He starts to communicate with the crowd and points out a guy named Zach. He asks him questions about his girlfriend who is also in the crowd across the room.

Lara asks, “how did you guys meet?” and Zach starts panicking. The crowd starts pointing out “ooh’s” and a couple of laughs. I thought that was cool that he communicates with us because it’s relatable.

Lara starts talking about millennials and what we would be like in the future, like how we will be the oldest generation soon. He has a conversation every once in a while with Zach, and the crowd is loving it. He jokes about how short girls always want tall guys to protect them, and I thought that part was the best because it’s relatable.

Not just a comedian but he’s always a proud owner of the Delta Airlines stock, just a small amount. He makes a smooth move into talking about airports and how he was selected into questioning. He talks about traveling and how he does comedy across the country from Miami back to New York.

Ian Lara is one of the newest, slowly rising, comedians in New York. He has a special coming up on Comedy Central next month so keep on a lookout for that. I’ve watched many comedians like John Mulaney and Jerry Seinfeld, and I feel like Ian Lara can be as successful as them because of his excellent delivery and stories.

After the show, the student improv club came up to make us laugh even more. They had two rounds; the first round was the bachelorette round. The bachelorette had to guess the role of each person. The audience gets to choose what role each person was playing.

There were four people on the stands. One of them had to play a barbie; another liked changing shoes, the best one I think was that the third person had to pretend to be a Soundcloud rapper.

Lastly the fourth person had to speak in the third person. The bachelorette eventually guessed what each person’s role was.

During the last round, a different person was throwing a party. Each person had a very different role; there was a break-dancer, a person who only spoke in puns, and one who didn’t know why the crowd is here. It took the guesser a while to guess, but she got it eventually.

After improv there was open night mic, where anybody in the crowd could come up and do anything, tell a story, sing, the list goes on.

Overall, it was a great night to be stress-free and laugh all along.

Photo Credit: (Provided by R-SPaCE)