Halloween Scavenger Hunt by Radford University Dining Services

Radford University’s Dining Services plans to keep doing surprise events for students on campus.

Kaitlyn Stephens ’22 | kstephens15@radford.edu

On October 25, Radford University Dining Services placed bags of goodies all over campus for students to find.

Students raced around campus, trying to find the 17 bags that were hidden both indoors and outdoors. The scavenger hunt was meant to be a fun activity for students during the week of Halloween.

The bags were filled with Halloween candy and activities, as well as Radford Dining merchandise.

Jade Sutherland, the Radford University Dining Services marketing manager, was excited to talk about the event.

Sutherland said, “activities like this are meant to help us connect to our campus community through both culinary and non-culinary experiences. We want students to have activities to look forward to, and we find that hosting events by surprise brings a pop of joy to the day of the participants that was unexpected.”

Dining Services wants to connect with students through activities like this that can bring happiness into a student’s day.

Dining Services does surprise events like these often. So far, there have been four scavenger hunts and 25 other surprise events. Two days after the scavenger hunt, Dining Services gave students free caramel and candy apples.

According to Sutherland, “seeing the smiles on the face of our student, faculty, and staff is the best part of our job and why we continue to host events on our campus!”

If you’d like to participate in activities like this in the future, follow their Instagram for updates.

Dining Services uses student feedback for future events. So if you enjoyed this event, let them know!

“Our overall goal of the Radford Dining Program is to bring food and community to the heart of our campus. Create memories and experiences that students remember forever and pass down throughout the years,” said Sutherland.

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