Halloween Movies Ranked On Netflix


By Nay-Quan Bryan | nbryan3@radford.edu

October is the month for horror movies! Psychological thrillers, slasher, paranormal or whatever you’re into, Netflix is a great place to find any of those. And that’s what I did last week; I’m pretty sure I’ll have nightmares for the rest of my life.

So, I ranked the top ten movies that I watched on Netflix, and here we go:

#10 Meet the Blacks

The movie stars Mike Epps, who plays Carl Black, a father who has moved to a gated community in Beverly Hills on the day of the United States annual purge. The movie is hilarious and features celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Charlie Murphy, and Mike Tyson.

#9 Tales from the Hood 2

The movie is an American horror anthology film executive-produced by Spike Lee. One of the short films is “Good Golly,” which takes a demonic look on the racist doll Golliwog, ending in gruesome, bloody deaths. Another film is “Date Night” turns the leading male characters who were predators into prey.

#8 Tales of Halloween

This is another anthology film which focuses on a suburban town, where on Halloween night, everything goes straight to hell.

#7 Interview with the Vampire

The film was based on the book, with the same name, by Anne Rice, which follows the tale of Lestat de Lioncourt (Tom Cruise), a vampire living in 1791 Spanish Louisiana. The movie goes through the tale of his life as a vampire, as well as the lives of the people he has affected. I saw this movie at a very young age, and to this day I still love it.

#6 Queen of the Damned

An all-time favorite of mine which stars the late singer Aaliyah as the powerful vampire Queen Akasha. Stuart Townsend portrays the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt. The movie follows Lestat and the downfall of a powerful queen who wants to rule the world.

#5 Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Gruesome and bloody. It’s Leatherface being Leatherface.

#4 As Above, So Below

This movie features an English tomb raider and her friends who search the Catacombs under Paris for the famed Flamel’s Philosopher’s Stone. The tomb raider’s friends are picked off one by one. I can honestly say I was hiding under my covers.

#3 Oculus

A family turns against each other due to the power of an evil mirror. Years later, after a few tragic deaths, the mirror comes back.

#2 Veronica

Based on a true story that tells of a girl named Verónica and her classmates who try to contact Veronica’s dead father through an Ouija board on the day of a solar eclipse. You can imagine that didn’t end up too well.

#1 The Conjuring

The first installment in a series that turned into a whole universe. The newest in the series, The Nun, was released just last month. This movie is terrifying and will give almost anyone nightmares for weeks.

I hope my rankings help you find the best movie for you to finish off October. Have a spooky, scary, Halloween!