Halloween Costumes on a Budget


By Savannah Roberson | sroberson8@radford.edu

Dressing up for Halloween is one of the best parts of fall, but it can also be the most expensive.

It may seem like it’s not even worth buying expensive costumes for just a night or two, but at the same time, no one wants to miss out on the fun of Halloween. The best way to look great but not break the bank is by making homemade costumes.

Not only is making costumes is a good solution to expensive costumes, but it’s another fun way to celebrate Halloween.

Most people would agree that carving a pumpkin is half the fun, so most people probably wouldn’t buy a pumpkin that was already carved.

Costumes are the same way, making them can be fun. Deciding on what costume, which friends to coordinate costumes with, finding materials, and designing your costume can be a Halloween celebration all on its own.

Another benefit of making your costume is being completely in control with the specifics of a costume. As opposed to buying costumes in stores or ordering them online, making them gives total say over how precisely the costume should be.

One of the only fundamental things to keep in mind is when anyone designs a costume one needs to be creative and have fun. Besides that, the possibilities really are endless!

The possibilities definitely expand the more creative a person can be when looking for materials to make a costume with. It’s surprising how many things can be found around the average house that can be used for a costume, and many people may not even need to buy anything at all.

Last year, I was a watermelon for Halloween, and one of my friends was a pineapple. We did not have to buy anything new besides t-shirts. We used fabric paint to draw seeds on our costumes, and we made a hat for the pineapple costume out of paper that looked like a pineapple stem. We bought the t-shirts in larger sizes than we normally wear. Before we knew it, we had some great fruit costumes for Halloween and we had barely spent any money at all.

DIY costumes are a great alternative to spending money on overpriced store-bought costumes.

Last year, when some of my friends and I made costumes, we got many compliments on the originality and detail of our costumes.

Additionally, Halloween was even better because we were able to get through the holiday while still keeping to our budgets. Making the costumes together was a lot of fun, and they looked great when we were finished.

Anyone willing to invest a little time, creativity, and effort, can create their own awesome Halloween costume, all while saving money and making memories.

Photo Credit: (rawpixel.com from Pexels)