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Grey’s Anatomy recap


Hannah Curran

If you are like me, and avidly watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ then you know that last season ended on such a cliffhanger, and I as well as many others excitedly awaited the arrival of the new season to come. Last season ended with Megan being found after having been missing for many years. Megan is Owens sister and was/is engaged to Nathan. The season ended with him running off to see her. This happened just as Nathan and Meredith had started to date causing a rift there, but they both agreed he should go back to Megan.

Megan comes back and needs to have almost her entire abdomen redone, which Meredith has to do. This is before she knows about Meredith and Nathan. So the operation is planned and scheduled. Meredith and Nathan come to terms with how they are going to agree on what to do. Meredith says Nathan should go back to Megan and that she needs him so much right now. He proposes, and they try to be back together after so much lost time. However, Megan soon realizes that Nathan might be in love with Meredith, which he does end up admitting to Meredith. She responds that he needs to forget it and make things work.

Megan has her operation soon, and everything goes well. This leads to her wanting to go back overseas and rescue her “child.” Her doctors strongly say that is not going to happen right now because it is too much risk after significant operations like that and she needs to stay in bed. Meredith tells Nathan that he should do something big to show Megan he loves her, so he chooses that this will be the way he proves it. He then goes and gets Megan’s child and into the United States and surprises Megan who is so happy about it all. Among all of this, there are problems between Owen and Amelia.

Amelia is not there with Owen through the Megan return, and people start to question why and what is going on. Owen and Amelia try to talk about things, and Amelia will soon learn she has a brain tumor. Perhaps that explains much of the odd behavior she’s been presenting for quite some time? She then has brain surgery, and it goes well- well enough that she does wake up. However, at first, she wakes up only speaking French. She soon starts to improve however her memory takes some time to come back, as expected form a major operation such as brain surgery. There has been much more small things going on. However, these have been the main highlights so far this season, this is just the third episode of the season, so much more to come for the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ lovers.

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