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Hailey Wilt

Radford University’s Greek Life poured into the Bondurant Auditorium at 8 pm on Wednesday, Feb. 15 for yet another annual speaker. Several times a year, Radford’s Greek Life sets up speakers to come to campus to share a message with the 25 wide-ranging fraternities and sororities. The Interfraternity Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, and the Panhellenic Council can be seen sitting amongst one another to witness these presentations.

The first speaker of the Spring 2017 semester was the fun and energetic Justin Jones-Fosu. Justin Jones-Fosu is an author and award-winning entrepreneur who speakers globally to share his message. Leading his own mission, Justin is the President and Chief Inspirational Officer of Justin Inspires International where he speaks up to 55 times a year for at college campuses, and businesses across the world.

Sitting in the auditorium your first impression of Justin was that he had great taste in music. Everyone walked around, danced and talked amongst each other in the positive atmosphere. Once the audience quieted down Justin went straight into introducing himself and why he was at Radford University. The main objective of the overall presentation was for every individual in the crowd to figure out their ‘why’. In this instance, the ‘why’ was in reference to why did the audience member get involved with their Greek organization. Questioning the clarity, connection, and consistency of our ‘why’.

After causing some internal deliberation amongst the viewers, Justin asked the audience to then deliberate ‘what’ they need to change or find to help their organization grow. Following that he asked about ‘when’ they need to step into action in their group, and finally the ‘how’ each member can bring something to Greek Life as a whole. Justin spoke passionately about the importance of fighting for your own ‘why’ and why you need to do it now. Motivating every member of the audience to give their organization their all, to get uncomfortable and to allow progress and change to happen.

Justin spoke of his own personal struggles in life with his close friend’s wife, his family and his own troubles in his past. Taking from those personal situations he helped ground the meaning of his presentation which was to give your all, at all times. Justin called it being “On Ten” which means giving 100 percent of everything you have towards everything you do in life. The importance of having a high ‘why’ and a high ‘now’ to see both your organizations and your inner self-grow into a happier perspective.

Getting audience involvement Justin Jones-Fosu called a member of Zeta Tau Alpha to the stage to partake in a few scenarios and to pull away from the more serious side of the presentation. Which was something he did very well, the balance of both the serious, to the engaging, to the humorous was quite refreshing for those who have sat through many subpar Greek speakers in the previous years.

Leaving the auditorium, all of Greek Life spoke of the speaker and shared their own thoughts with their friends. Heather Conway, a sister of Alpha Sigma Tau, spoke highly of the speaker saying, “He did a great job. It was nice to have a speaker that I wanted to listen to and not the same speech we get every year.” Justin Jones-Fosu had an amazing message to pass on, and it was well needed in the Greek community with the organizations getting their new members.

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