Greek life raises innocent hopes


Once upon a time there was a college girl. She came from great high school friends, was involved in clubs and organizations in college but wanted something more. She wanted a group to connect with, to create an everlasting bond. She never thought she would go this route but during her first semester sophomore year at Radford, she decided to GO GREEK!
This girl was me. Before recruitment, I was a ball of emotions; anxious and excited all at the same time. All through winter break I tried to prepared myself by finding the perfect outfits for rush, and making sure my  confidence is high in order to put my best foot forward when I met my potential future “sisters”.
As the day of open house quickly approached, I tried to keep my emotions in check. Logistically, I understood that there are more girls rushing than bid to be given however I can not help but get excited.
The day finally came: the first day of recruitment. The first room I walked into was very intimidating; it was a room full of pretty and hopeful girls just wishing they would find their home within the small circle which we call Greek Life.
Throughout this open house, during this introduction to what Greek Life truly is, I couldn’t help but question the speakers. They made it seem as though everyone gets what sorority they want; however, I knew that was not the case.
With this bit of false sense of security I continued on to the next phase of the recruitment process.
That evening, I met about one or two girls from each of the seven sororities. I thought I had great conversation and loved every second of it! I was bit by the Greek Life bug. I started to get my hopes up and got hooked to the life of having best friends, “sisters”, forever.
After the first day, out of seven sororities, I was only asked back to three. The odds were not in my favor.
Even with this bad news, I had to put my game face on and go back to meet more sisters of the remaining three sororities. I had a blast! I was super excited to be apart of something bigger than herself.  Now more than ever I really wanted that bond with girls from her same university community.
Waking up early to start the third day of recruitment I started the process of looking presentable to go back to the sororities which invited me. As I’m blow drying my hair, I’m surprised with a text I did not get asked back to any of the sororities.
All of my thoughts about being apart of a sorority were crushed. I was not upset by being dropped; I was more heartbroken I would not be able to participate in this type of organization, Greek Life.
In the end she did not live happily ever after in Greek Life. I hope you would agree with me that something needs to change with the way recruitment is handled.
I am by no means the life of the party, center of attention or the prettiest girl on campus. However, going through the motions of recruitment, this is what it seems as though the “sisters” are looking for.
I understand that Greek Life needs to have regulations in order to keep their high status on campus, however, something needs to change. The directors of Greek Life get innocent girls’ hopes up that they will get a bid from whichever sorority they please when actually it seems as though most of these sororities already know exactly who they want.
Also, there were over 300 girls who registered to rush, one would think that number would be a factor in how many girls should be accepted and that more girls should be able to experience Greek Life.
Something needs to change. This organization is getting girls’ hopes up for something that may not be achievable because one girl in a sorority didn’t get good vibes from them. If these sororities have the power to cut girls after 20 minutes of meeting them, then something is clearly wrong.
An interview process should be put into place where the potential new member could have the chance to meet every “sister” and every sister would then vote on if they would like to keep her in the recruitment process.


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