‘Gravity’ raises anxiety through the roof


Gravity is not the movie to see if you want to spend the evening relaxing after a hot bath, or cuddling with your significant other on a romantic date night. Let me tell you, this movie will give you white knuckles and make you hold your breath. . . .

The tense sci-fi thriller stars Sandra Bullock as Ryan Stone, a medical engineer braving her first trip to space, and George Clooney who plays Matt Kowalsky. Stone and Kowalsky are out on a regular shuttle mission with a few others, when Houston radios in and warns them to get out . . . next thing you know huge pieces of broken satellites destroy their shuttle and send Stone spinning out of control, deeper and deeper into outer space (cue the white knuckles on your bowl of popcorn).

As the oxygen level in Stone’s suit plummets, every anxious and terrified breath she takes only makes the movie seem more real as the lonely and frightened astronauts have to find another way home. You feel like you’re running out of oxygen while staring at the screen, you can’t help but be terrified for them!

I was very impressed with this movie, with everything from the acting to the special effects. The characters were swimming through zero gravity! The whole time I was watching the movie I was scratching my brain trying to figure out how they were able to make this movie. Director, and writer, Alfonso Cuarón couldn’t have done anything better with this film.

The movie was released to theaters on Oct. 4, 2013 and   made a box office total of $272.7 million, according to rottentomatoes.com. It also got a very high rating from rotten tomatoes also, an enormous 97 percent on the tomatometer.

Like I said earlier, this isn’t the movie to watch when you’re trying to relax but it’s definitely a movie you need to watch!