Getting involved on your campus

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Jennifer Bennett | The Tartan

There are many different clubs and organizations that are on Radford University’s campus. There is a club for everything that you could be interested in – and if there is not, you are able to create a club. Being involved will make your time here pass by faster and will make your college experience better.

During COMS week, there was a Media Studies panel, and one of the people that was speaking got involved with The Tartan and because of that, it helped him get a job. Joining different organizations during your time in college can help build your resume.

Potential employers will look at the extra curricular activities in college as well as the grades you received. Getting an officer position in a club or organization that is similar to your major will make it easier to get a job or internship when the time comes. Being involved with student activities early on will show that you are ambitious and that you take the career you hope to be in one day very seriously.

One of the reasons that they hold club fair in the very beginning of the semester is so that new students have the opportunity to get involved and to meet people that have similar interests as them. This also ensures that there will be students to take over the roles when the officers graduate.

For me, joining clubs and organizations helped ensure that I was in the right field. When I joined student media I was able to imitate what working professionals do: edit, write, and approve comments. While this takes away time from my social life, when you are applying for a job or internship after college the social scene will seem less important than the work that you did while you were in college.

Also, getting involved in student organizations could help you find something that you are passionate about and did not even know it! Sometimes all it takes is for you to take a chance on yourself and put yourself in an unfamiliar situation. In high school, it was very important to get involved and could help determine where you were able to get accepted at. The same kind of thing applies to the real world, except a little bit different.

Experience matters as much if not more as grades in college do. Now I am not saying that you should not focus on school and put everything you have into the organization of your choice, but make sure that you make it one of the most important things that you do. First and foremost, in order to be a part of a student organization, you need to be a student – so make sure you do your work.

Some clubs and student organizations have GPA requirements in order for students become members. They do this to make sure that their members still have a focus on school and do not let their sole focus be that organization.

Lastly, it makes you part of an amazing community. Each of us who belong to a student organization can tell you how much pride you have for that organization. It becomes something that you think about or work at every single day and for the most part it is something that you look forward to! I love working in student media and I have learned things and gained experiences that otherwise I would not be able to have. I know moving forward that being involved in activities in college will help me get into graduate school, and eventually get on my career path that I have chosen at the organization that I choose.