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Fun winter activities to do at Radford

Hannah Curran

Radford is a beautiful place to be in basically every season of the year. After the white snowfall and wintery weather, Radford is especially lovely and buzzing with activity. Many things get Radford students out into the winter snow once it comes every year. Either with friends or with social organizations, many people engage in winter activities. Many people on campus will even tell you that winter is their favorite season here in Radford because of how much fun it can be.

After it snows in Radford, many students go to Moffett lawn to have a huge snowball fight. Sophomore Stephanie Judd said, “Last years was fun, and a lot of people came out for it which I didn’t expect, but it brought the campus together. People came in groups of friends, and it was a nice crowd.” It is something fun that can relax from classes and take a break in the beautiful weather that Radford has to offer. Hopefully with the snow this winter It is something that happens again.

Another thing to do around Moffett is go sledding on the hill behind it. Many students go there at the first snowfall for some fun with friends for an exciting afternoon. Sledding is my personal favorite thing to do in the winter so I am excited about that first snow when my friends and I can go to that hill and have fun.

Another big activity in Radford is the Polar Plunge at Dudley’s Landing at Bisset Park. This year it will take place on Feb. 18. Last year, junior Mike Matthews attended it to help work it through ROTC. He said, “A lot of people came out for it which was impressive even though it was freezing. I didn’t do it last year, but maybe this year.” I plan on attending this year because it is an excellent way to get a group together and support The Special Olympics.

Many people attending Radford come from places that have way worse winters than Radford gets. Freshmen Andrew Cowdrick said he enjoys winter in Radford because “It’s the winter feeling and fun with the snow without being painfully cold temperatures.” He also can travel some for snowboarding within a couple of hours of Radford which he enjoys being able to do still.

Winter at Radford is beautiful, and many people around campus love it and all that it can offer. It brings the students close together with the many activities it offers around campus and closely off campus. With the ability to pretty much walk everywhere you have the chance to attend a lot of things right there close by. I am excited about my first winter here with my friends and the fun we will have.


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