Fun things to do when you are snowed in

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Emily Hawkins

Snow is blanketing the ground, school is closed, and the only thing that you have to shovel out is a pot from your kitchen. What should you do? This year we have been fortunate enough to have a few snow days. Our professors would say that we should be working on our homework, but what is the harm in finding something else to do? Sure, you could catch up on the 20 novels that you have to read this semester. You could also catch up on those lab reports that you forgot to complete. Another option is that you could find something fun to do outside!

We spend so much time inside under florescent lights. Sometimes it is nice to get out from under the false sunlight and into the blindingly white, icy tundra. There are a few activities that you could do when these snow days happen. Many students live off campus, but there are some that still live on campus. Worry not, there are options for both.

If you live on campus, here are a few options for you: Go on a scavenger hunt for the nearest design major and get them to build a snowman with you, make yourself into a snow mermaid (avoid frostbite, please), organize snowball fights between quads, take a nice winter walk down to Bisset Park, and take pictures of what you see, or go to one of our dining facilities and watch the snow fall from the windows. 

If you live off campus, there are different options for you too. Go sledding down the hills near Greenhill or Highland Village. Make the trek to one of our many quickie stops, gather all of the ingredients out of your cabinets and try to make a meal out of it, introduce your dog to the snow, or stay in and watch some Netflix!

Several students have taken advantage of our days off recently and have found a few creative opportunities to boot. Some have dusted off their microphones and have written a song or two for SoundCloud, others have taken photos of our breathtaking landscape, and many are taking this time to showcase their drawing and sculptural skills. For those who are more athletic, a good opportunity for exercise is right around the corner.

Try organizing a sled pulling competition with all of your buddies. That is sure to bring a few laughs and plenty of good memories. If the weather conditions permit, get creative with whatever outlet you choose to express yourself with!

This winter season comes with many hazards and just because you are bored does not mean you should do anything dangerous! Road conditions can turn a fun time into a dangerous time. Always take the time to look out for the upcoming weather conditions and listen to the forecast. Having to explain to your parents why your car spun off of the road is not fun. What is fun is having a good time with your friends and making the most of your procrastination.