Fright Night gave students a break from studying

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Laura Ratliff

The Ad Club and the student-run Public Relations firm, also known as PRSSA, held a Halloween event Thursday, Oct. 27. Fright Night ran from 8 p.m. to midnight and had a nice turn-out. “Especially for a Thursday, a lot of people came out. It was a great turn out for the costume contest,” said Robyn Weatherholtz.

Even in the cold and slightly rainy weather, students made their way to the Bonnie for the festivities.

“It would have been better if it wasn’t so cold, because half of the events were supposed to be outside including a couple games of corn hole,”said Taylor Bikowski, PRSSA president.

“However, we rolled with the punches, put it all inside and made it work.”

Pizza, pumpkin pie, cider, and other goodies were available free in the Bonnie during the event, but weren’t the only things to keep students occupied. There was pumpkin carving and a costume contest as well. There was  a $100 prize for the winner of the best costume at the event.

“It was the first time doing a social with another club and I think that worked out great. I loved getting some experience working with another president and her members,” said  Bikowski. “Also, it was the first late night event we’ve participated in. That part turned out great because we had enough funding to get 100 pumpkins and a ton of decorations that made the Bonnie look great,” said Taylor Bikowski, President of PRSSA.

The winners of the costume contest were: first place to a student dressed as Deadmau5; a musician; second place to a robot; and third place to a young woman dressed as a baby doll. There were a fair amount of people dressed up, so the winners donned their costumes well.

“The costumes were amazing. I was surprised at how many people dressed up and got into it. It helped with the atmosphere. I think giving prize money definitely helped.My favorite that showed up was a homemade Ninja Turtles costume, it was very cute,” said Bikowski.
With all the midterms and exams around this time,

Fright Night was a pleasant break from the books for  students.

Participants got to show off their costumes a little early, carve pumpkins and hang out with their peers. Ad Club members and PRSSA members also got to know each other a little better. The event gave them future career experience.

“From my first week of my freshmen year, PRSSA has been teaching me ways to be get prepared for my future. Through the networking possibilities of luncheons, national conferences, socials, and meetings I have really gotten a foot in the door,” said Bikowski.