Fresh faces: Class of 2018


There are around 2,000 new, eager faces on Radford University’s campus this year. This freshman class is one of the largest RU has ever seen, and hopefully will contribute positively to the academics and culture here on campus. We all know the stereotypes and characteristics of incoming freshmen, but I wanted to delve deeper and really find out who the class of 2018 is. I interviewed three freshmen girls, Cheyanne Carlile (Pre-nursing), Jamie Goeller (Communication) and Julie Keophila (Elementary Education) to see what freshmen had to say about the first weeks of their college education. When answering the interview questions, most of their responses were unanimous.

What has been your favorite thing about RU so far?

“The people, definitely. Everyone here is nice, and the population on campus is diverse. I like running into people from towns or even countries that I have never heard of before. Also, everyone here knows how to have fun.” – Goeller

What has been your least favorite?

“The 8 a.m. classes!” – Carlile

“Yeah, definitely the difficulty of classes so far. It makes me nervous to think about what is to come!” – Goeller

Have you received any bullying from upperclassmen?

“No, not at all! I actually have made friends with older students. They don’t treat me differently just because I am a freshman.” – Carlile

What do you miss most about being away from home?

“I’m finding that I miss my family more than I thought I would!” – Keophila

“All the people that I love back home, especially my little sister.” – Carlile

“My pets!” – Goeller

What is the hardest thing to readjust to since leaving home?

“I find that it is hard to study in the dorms because other students are loud. I miss having peace and quiet!” – Keophila

“I agree, there are a lot of disruptions in the dorm I live in.” – Goeller

“It is hard to live without the family I left behind. I miss them a lot.”- Carlile


It seems that RU has given the class of 2018 a warm welcome to the rest of their college years here. I remember my freshmen year and feeling all the same emotions that Cheyanne, Jamie, and Julie are feeling now. As a junior today, I can say that your time at RU can be the most incredible time in your life, if you use your time wisely and are open minded. RU is definitely is not perfect, and there will be times when you will be extremely stressed out and wish you never went off to college. However, in those moments, the life-long friends that you will make and the life skills you learn here will always seem to pick you up and keep you going in the right direction. Attending RU can be your greatest achievement yet. Welcome, class of 2018!

By: Brittany North