Food for thought: River City Grill

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Being nestled into the cozy hills of Southwest Virginia, Radford does not see much along the lines of big city life. We lack most of the hustle and certainly all of the bustle. However, we do get treated to overly kind strangers, a beautiful display of all four seasons, and delicious heart attack inducing southern food. There are more than a few restaurants in the area that you absolutely should go to, but today we are going to talk about River City Grill in downtown Radford. Autotrophic organisms; avert your eyes, this article is not for you.

When you walk into River City Grill, for some inexplicable reason you are not in Radford anymore. There is no chatter of students, no rumble of car engines, not much noise at all from the outside world. The walls are white with just a few pieces of art on the wall, enough decor so that you get the restaurants personality, but not enough to where it is punching you in your retinas (the 15 foot tall gorilla at Macados). There are flowers on every table during the day and candles at night. It has an atmosphere that works well for both dates and just grabbing good food with friends.

 The important thing to know when you open up the menu is that breakfast is served all day, and the breakfast here is what you need to eat. You can order anything on the menu and know that it is going to be pretty good, but breakfast is where your meal will excel into the dimensions of southern cooking. The staple is the “Good Ol Fashion breakfast” which for $4.99 comes with 2 eggs, home fries, a biscuit, sausage and bacon. The eggs are cooked to your liking, the sausage is greasy in all the right ways, the bacon is crisp, and the biscuit is all consuming. The home fries are pretty good, definitely above your average fast food restaurant quality but they shy in comparison to the rest of the meal. And the Good Ol Fashion Breakfast is one of the more modest items you will find.

If you are there for a date then you will most likely be shopping in the Entrees section of the menu. The prices go up quite a bit once you venture into this territory but it is to be expected at any restaurant when you are looking to order high quality steak or seafood. The crab cakes here are definitely worth checking out if you enjoy seafood. This is a menu item at restaurants that you can frequently tell when it has been made cheaply and at River City Grill it is apparent that they cut no corners.

If you are new to Radford or simply have not had time to make it out yet, grab your friends and treat yourself. River City Grill is one of the nicest local restaurants in Radford. Put down the books, close the laptop, and go enjoy some breakfast for dinner.