Food Cupboard in CHBS Writing Center Available to All Students


By: Caitlin Billman |

The CHBS Writing Center now does more than help students with their writing assignments. A small food pantry called The Cupboard opened in the Writing Center on Oct. 17 and offers non-perishable food items to all students.

Housed in the Writing Center, any student can use The Cupboard, no questions asked. Faculty from the Sociology, English and Women’s and Gender Studies departments all help with donations.

Dr. Michele Ren of both the English and Women’s and Gender Studies departments and Justine Jackson of the English department co-created this food pantry. 

Dr. Ren was inspired on Twitter by a graduate student at Washington State University who tweeted about the pantry she set up for students on the WSU campus. 

Jackson described The Cupboard as “a grassroots, community-based project that any department or organization could support in numerous ways.” Jackson said she picked the location because so many students come through the Writing Center. 

Non-perishable, “dorm room” foods are available, such as Easy Mac cups, ramen noodles, granola bars, oatmeal cups, crackers and soups. Donations are welcome, and Dr. Ren has set up a “Wishlist” on Amazon. Students can donate at the Writing Center or the English Department. 

“If you’re hungry, and near CHBS, please come grab something,” Dr. Ren said. “This is primarily for students with food insecurities, but we will feed all students, no questions asked. Don’t go all day without eating something, stop by and grab a snack or something more substantial.”

Jackson hopes that “whether donating or setting up a similar pantry in their space, we all could work together to help alleviate food insecurity on campus.”

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Photo Credit: (Justine Jackson)

Featured Image: All students are welcome to grab a snack, no questions asked.

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