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Ryan Arias


DJ Sharpnel:

Jea and Lemmy are a pair of Japanese electronic artists that mix music from various Japanese sources such as video games and movies, and create mixes which consist of trance, gabber, speedcore and happy hardcore mix. The group started in 1996 when Jea assisted in a joint album known as Sharpnel vs Project Gabbangelion. Over the years, DJ Sharpnel has used many aliases that changed with each track style or album. Often times Jea and Lemmy work together, but there are other times where they work on songs apart in which they are called DJ Jea or Killingscum. Their most recent album was released in August 13th, 2011, called Baseline Crisis. Their official website can be found at and is called Sharpnel Sound. The website is in both Japanese and English and dates for Events and information on their releases can be seen. Music crosses all languages and there is no exception for this group’s work.



iScribble is a public chat site that is far from ordinary. It is an open browser based drawing chat. It allows you to draw, chat and have fun. The chat is commonly separated into over 30 Public Chats and even allows the option for private chatrooms where you and friends can come, chat and draw. People can be found from various parts of the world enjoying company and the common appetite to stave off boredom or find new drawing styles, even show off their digital skills. It is completely free and all that is needed is the user to register if they wish to draw rather then just observe. The site is kept running via donations. You may also publish your finished works in the gallery provided by the site. iScribble is overall a fun site and worth checking out.

Single Serving Websites:

Single Serving websites are as they are named: built for one purpose. The earliest known single serving site is and it had no links, or content of any kind. It just has a purple background. was first online in 1994. In 1995, another site called was made and was claimed to be the last page of the Internet. It continued on until the hamster dance web site came into being, which perpetuated a sub culture of its own. Many sub pages were created, offering various merchandise that were hamster-dance related. Soon, the single serving sites reached into academia and a student from Berkley University wrote a paper entitled Single serving sites are amusing and entertaining, and take a level of cleverness to keep people visiting. Join a single serving site, and enjoy on those boring waits on line, or between homework.


VG Cats:

VG Cats is a web comic that has been running for several years. It is a webcomic about video games so much pertains to the gamer population and humor. VG Cats, or Videogame Cats, circles around two gamers, video game parodies and many more random events. The comic updates every few days, or to the artists’ leisure, and features not only a comic but a daily blog introducing daily events and occurrences in gamer life on the internet. The creator of the site also does many t-shirt designs which he sells off the main site and are great for individual gamers who get the inside joke. He not only sells tees but hats, plushies and hoodies, everything necessary for gamer life. The artist also has a sub site that a secondary comic is posted called Super Effective which revolves around the Pokemon adventures of our Hero, Red. The site has an RSS feed and you can follow the artist on Twitter. Its worth checking out gamers.



Minecraft is a new game that has swept the Internet and cured it of bordome. It is a downloadable client that players can play to be part of large worlds they build themselves. It is an immersive world where you can design, create and program small worlds to however you wish. Unlike most games nowadays which revolve around thousands of dollars and perfect graphics, or a monthly fee, you purchase the game for a small $21.95 fee, once. The game was developed by Markus Persson and had been under development since early 2009. It is growing in popularity, especially around the Radford University campus and is worth a look-see. The graphics are purposely blocky and have an old pixel-game feel from the times of Nintendo, but is a 3D world all the same. It is entertaining, endearing and amusing for many groups of people who just enjoy having fun.