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Jordan Kauffman


The Devil Wears Prada – Zombie EP:

Metal is definitely an acquired taste; even more so when you bring up the many different facets of metal, particularly the ones where the vocalist isn’t really a vocalist. The Devil Wears Prada screams bloody murder on their Zombie EP: a concept album about zombies.  The guitars are dirty, distorted, loud and menacing, while the rhythm section beats faster than your own heart while running from zombies. The Devil Wears Prada truly impresses on this relatively new effort and is sure to be a keeper in any album collection.

The Dear Hunter:

While not necessarily haunting, The Dear Hunter is doing something that most bands are fairly bad at: changing like the colors of the leaves. The Dear Hunter picks up one thought for four songs, drops it and then enters an entirely new mind the next four songs on their latest album The Color Spectrum. The album is flawless in the sheer fact that Casey Crescenzo and his merry carnival band of buddies create each facet of the rock genre in the seven colors and two shades (ROY G. BIV + Black and White), each color corresponding to the overall mood of that genre. The project is innovative and pure genius, with each song being just as catchy as the last and will make you download their other albums (they are nothing like The Color Spectrum). For something refreshing to add to your library, check out the Dear Hunter; you won’t be disappointed.


Zombie Contract Killer:

Good apps for your Apple products are a mix of entertainment, while not requiring too much effort, as well as time wasters, while at the same time not requiring too much of your precious time. Zombie: Contract Killer is a perfect grab bag of all the above, even attempting to challenge your shooting skills.  The game is simple enough; you are the hero who meets a nice helper friend who you must protect while she grabs supplies. Along the way, you pick up more survivors, better guns, etc., but the zombies become more numerous and stronger and more dangerous.  For a lover of any time-wasting shooters on your iPhone, or anyone looking to brutalize some zombies, Zombie: Contract Killer is for you.


Let the Right One In:

Indie horror/love story that no one can really place a finger on.  Was the director trying to make it a cute story about a kid who has no friends, who makes a friend, who ends up being a vampire, etc., or was it about the true gore and the stunning reveal that vampires aren’t nice at all?  Whether or not you side with either of these it doesn’t matter, because this movie is truly brilliant.  It’s dark, bloody, brooding, smart, and so characteristically Swedish (please watch the original with Swedish subtitles).  Totally worth your time and definitely fitting for all Halloween.



Chuck Palahniuk, a marvelous contemporary American writer, masterfully weaves the uncanny with the disgusting and horrifying in his not-so-new book Haunted. Haunted is a collection of 23 short stories, with an over-arching narrative.  The stories range from the hilarious to the unsettling, most of which are in the completely ridiculous true-fiction of Palahniuk’s other well known works. It’s an infectious read and well worth your nerves to take a shot at it.