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Morgan Tyner

TV Shows:

Late World with Zach Galifianakis:
Zach Galifianakis, the crazy “one man wolf pack” guy from “The Hangover,” has always been a funny man, but no one remembers his brush with VH1. “Late World” unfortunately lasted for only 26 episodes in 2002 because of the lack of ratings, but it’s hilarious. The show featured a skinnier, beardless Galifianakis doing sketch comedy or standup, sometimes on his piano, in his house and once in a preschool. You can find the videos on YouTube or on other torrent sites since it’s not available on DVD.


Ray LaMontagne:
Singer/song writer Ray LaMontagne has released four albums since starting his career in 1999. He quit his job in a shoe factory and decided he should be a musician. He began writing music and he instantly got a record deal because of his amazing voice. His voice is powerful but not overbearing like a lot of the soulful singer/songwriters out there. Love songs are his specialty and his voice is so smooth and soothing, you could fall asleep to it. LaMontagne is a talented man that shouldn’t be underestimated.


Genki Sudo:

Genki Sudo started out in the spotlight as a hardheaded, arrogant MMA fighter back in the 90s. His fighting styles of crazy back flip kicks and his slow motion moves gained him countrywide recognition. After he retired from MMA, he started an electronica band and has been a leader in spreading environmental awareness. The music is something you would hear in a Tokyo rave but the videos are amazing. Sudo, along with six other men, sometimes more, dance insync perfectly. Moving like a slow mechanical wave, they dance in streets, industrial parks and even in a Buddhist monastery. You can find them on YouTube along with most of his ridiculously extravagant MMA fights. is an animation site that lets you create your own short videos. If you have a computer and are capable of typing and clicking, then you have the right credentials to be a screenwriter for your own short films. To start, you choose your set and your characters from a list, then you can add camera angles, sounds or background music. You can also give life to your characters by making them move or make facial expressions. Since the website has gotten a lot of hits, Hollywood producers have also been scanning this site to find new screenplay writers. So if you fancy to make a spoof movie of “Inception,” you don’t have to be a producer to make your dream come true. is the official website to honor the most kickass people ever to roam this earth. From warriors to plain psychos who came to rule some part of the world, this website has got it all. Some of the badasses on this website are cruel human beings while others are heroes. Each badass has his or her own page to read. The creator, Ben Thompson, has written two books and also opened a store -properly named “The Badass Store”- does not frown upon on vulgar language so enter at your own risk and prepare to be amazed at these historical badasses.