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Ryan Arias


Bisset Park:

Looking for a place to hold a school event, or maybe someplace to just relax and have a picnic, and close to campus? For those new to the Radford University, who may have heard word of it, but have never seen it, it’s located across the big bridge toward the stadium at 23 Berkley Williams Dr. It is a public park with a small playground and a long, winding walkway that circles around the entire length of the park. There are many open and grassy areas to have picnics and even grills to have a barbeque! For those looking for an open, public place to hold events, Bisset Park offers gazebo and park building rentals for public and private events alike. I have personally walked the park’s path and I can say it is always fun, especially with friends.

Tyson’s Mall:

Many students, when they return home, will find their way to Northern Virginia. Now aside from the Fairfax Mall, there seem to be few places to shop and a lack of stores and space to hang out, but it just takes a little looking. Tyson’s Corner Center is a large mall located in Virginia, just seven miles from Washington, DC. There are also shuttle services and the Metro. It has over 10 brand name stores including a Barnes and Nobles with a Starbucks for a good mix of books and relaxation. Prices in Tyson’s Mall are comparable to other places in Virginia so the extra drive can seem like it’s not worth the trip. It is a massive mall with two levels of stores and large walking spaces. The most notable places are the Sony store, Old Navy and American Eagle. There is a food court with various places to grab a snack so you can keep up on your adventure, or small restaurants and bistros where you can sit and enjoy dinner. The mall opens weekdays and Saturday 10 a.m.-9:30 p.m. and 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Sunday.


Know Your Meme:

Meme, pronounced “meem,” is an idea, style or behavior that is spread from person to person within a culture, but those of us that live on the Internet know meme as something only found on online. For those unable to keep up with memes and that which is now a mainstream part of our culture, you can follow a YouTube Channel known as “Know Your Meme.” The group does in depth research on the strangest and funniest subjects of the memes that, predominately, infect the internet. Their website is detailed and not only give short blurbs on the subject but they also give image and links to originating subject matter so the reader can more interactively search and add to their knowledge. Memes are an essential part of our current culture because they change as quickly as fads; they manage to integrate into our current society without us knowing it. The website is well managed as are the “Know Your Meme” videos. Watch and see how many memes are active in your daily life here at Radford.


Mortal Kombat:

Mortal Kombat is a classic game in present day terms. As of late many game companies have been remaking old games for the newer console platforms, and failing at it. Very few, if any, hit that mark of new classic and end up a shameful recreation that kills a little bit of that childhood. But as mentioned, few hit the mark, and one of the few was Mortal Kombat for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It was a classic remake of an old favorite that brought you back to the days of the arcade, especially with new Arcade sticks for console enjoyment. This new installment of Mortal Kombat lacks many of the bells and whistles found in these new spin classic remakes and plays much like the old 2D arcade graphics, with a few 3D goodies like environment and arena designs. A pleasant addition, for those old school gamers and new school gamers alike, was the story mode, which follows the history before the first Mortal Kombat and its competitors. The story line adds dimension to a classic game and the cast of characters and story expands with each play through.


SNAFU Comics:

For those of us that live and work on the Internet, sometimes homework gets a little sidetracked, but we always get it done, right? Right! So when you need a little break from the monotony of homework and want a stroll down memory lane, head on over to SNAFU Comics at and take a peak at the “Powerpuff Girls” comic. It is deceiving at first but not only does it star the Powerpuff girls, it introduces many characters from the 90s cartoons such as “Samurai Jack” and “Dexter’s Laboratory.” The PPG Comic is what is known as a doujinshi, or fan made comic. The art is done by Bleedman, and the style is unique to them. Bleedman does several comics within SNAFU and many are updated every week, like a normal comic strip, others are monthly, but worth the wait. The site has many comic strips worth reading as well so don’t just stop at the “Powerpuff Comics.” There is also a fan comic of “The Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy” with a cameo from “Spawn” and a short, weekly-daily comic “Bunny With.” Check it out next time you find yourself longing for a stroll through your memories and a quick break from homework.